Web Page Reviews - 2001 - December

The Megapenny Project puts a 'million' (and more) into perspective. By the way, how many is a 'novemtrigintillion? (2001-12)
Kokogiak - megapenny  (keywords: Reference, general)
This site offers a vast collection of material relating to the 9/11/2001 Word Trade Center and Pentagon tragedy (through links to other sites), including photos, videos, graphics, and animations of the event, architecture and engineering of the structures, survivor assistance, and more. (2001-12)
M Sauers - 911 information  (keywords: History, general)
A cable modem reference guide, including registry tweaks, tutorials, and speed and security tips. (2001-12)
A large collection of tips, tweaks, FAQs, patches, tutorials, equipment reviews and discussion boards for broadband users in the interest of increasing and improving broadband performance. (2001-12)
Speed guide  (keywords: Internet, general)
What date is it? Well, it depends on which calendar you use. This site helps you convert among them all: Gregorian, Julian, Hebrew, Persian, and even two different ones for Excel! (2001-12)
Fourmilab - calendar converter  (keywords: Astronomy, generalCalendars)
Heather Newman is the accomplished Detroit Free Press columnist who writes articles relating to computers and digital technology. Archived columns can be found at her web site. (2001-12)
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Would you buy stocks based on a phone solicitation? But many cold phone calls result in donations to charities by unsuspecting givers. These sites assist in identifying truly deserving charities that spend your donations on promised services and not solely on administration. (2001-12)
Charity Watch  (keywords: Charities)
For novice astronomers, this site has a comprehensive astronomy/space/satellite tracking package available for free download, with earth and space maps, remote earth views, a database of 256,000 stars, and more. (2001-12)
Fourmilab - home planet  (keywords: Astronomy, general)
Methods to getting the boss to cease and desist. (2001-12)
A conglomeration of up to the minute satellite maps and views of the Earth and Moon. Select from a world city list for close up and night views. Maps include topographical, weather satellite, and cloud composites. (2001-12)
Fourmilab - Earth and moon viewer  (keywords: Astronomy, general)
The National Space Science Data Center displays their photographic resources of images and photos of the Earth, Moon, planets, asteroids and comets. (2001-12)
What was a dollar worth in 1892? Compare purchasing power, interest rates and other financial variables over the past century. Just fill in the blanks with your inquiry. (2001-12)
How much is it?  (keywords: ConsumersHistory, general)
URL of the nonprofit organization working to save the South Channel Lights in Lake St. Clair. The first site has several photos of the towers from the last two centuries. While you're there, you may decide whether to support their cause. Additional lighthouse sites (Michigan and elsewhere) are listed as well. (2001-12)
Lighthouse getaway  (keywords: Lighthouses)
This site bills itself as "the Internet's premier free stuff site where you not only find quality offers but also quality content". Software, ISPs, magazines, coupons/rebates, crafts, much more. (2001-12)
The URL says it all: country phone calling codes. (2001-12)
Country calling codes  (keywords: Directories, telephone)
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