Astronomy, general (18)

Online games for kids that help teach about astronomy. (2018-03)
Astronomy games  (keywords: Astronomy, general)
Backyard astronomy basics for students of all ages. (2018-01)
Backyard astronomy basics  (keywords: Astronomy, general)
What a year on Earth really looks like. (10 min. video) (2017-01)
Year on Earth  (keywords: Astronomy, general)
What to look for in a telescope and photographic equipment, and where to point them. (2016-12)
Telescopes  (keywords: Astronomy, general)
View the Earth as seen from the Sun. Click the image to rotate the globe to different viewing angles. (2010-11)
Earth from Sun  (keywords: Astronomy, general)
NASA astronomy picture of the day for the past 14 years. (2009-11)
NASA - antwrpl  (keywords: Astronomy, general, Photography, general, Space, general)
View relative sizes and paths of solar system planets. Change time, speed, scales, orbits, centered planet, and much more with which to play. (2007-11)
Planet size  (keywords: Astronomy, general, Space, planets)
Earth scaled against other celestial bodies. (2007-06)
Earth scaled  (keywords: Astronomy, general)
Fascinating photography of sun, moon, stars, planets, galaxies, comets, and more. (2006-05)
Astronomical photos  (keywords: Astronomy, general, Photography, galleries)
Clear Sky Clocks - perhaps most accurate and most usable forecasters of astronomical observing conditions for over 1900 observatories and observing sites in North America. (2006-01)
Clear Sky Clocks  (keywords: Astronomy, general, Local, general, Weather, general)
Virtual museum of Canada. Check the image gallery. Especially interesting (and expansive) are the astronomy and toy sections. (2004-03)
Virtual Museum  (keywords: Astronomy, general, Canada, Museum, general, Toys)
NASA's astronomy picture of the day. Some terrific photography, including aerial pictures of sections of the earth. See view of Mt. Etna's 1/2/03 eruption from the International Space Station, plus hundreds more. (2003-09)
NASA - antwrpl  (keywords: Astronomy, general, Photography, general, Space, general)
All about calendars through the years: Chinese, Christian, Indian, Islamic, Jewish, French, Mayan, Roman, Coruscant (Star Wars!), and others. How many weeks in a year? 52 or 53? It depends. What is the first day of the week? Find out what and why here. (2003-04)
Calendars from the Sky  (keywords: Astronomy, general, Science)
Are you a want to be astronomer? Check out the latest solar pictures at: (2002-01)
NASA - latest images  (keywords: Astronomy, general, Government, general)
Do you enjoy looking at the stars? Would you like to know more about the heavens above? Check out Star Date for more information. (2002-01)
Star date  (keywords: Astronomy, general)
A conglomeration of up to the minute satellite maps and views of the Earth and Moon. Select from a world city list for close up and night views. Maps include topographical, weather satellite, and cloud composites. (2001-12)
Fourmilab - Earth and moon viewer  (keywords: Astronomy, general)
For novice astronomers, this site has a comprehensive astronomy/space/satellite tracking package available for free download, with earth and space maps, remote earth views, a database of 256,000 stars, and more. (2001-12)
Fourmilab - home planet  (keywords: Astronomy, general)
What date is it? Well, it depends on which calendar you use. This site helps you convert among them all: Gregorian, Julian, Hebrew, Persian, and even two different ones for Excel! (2001-12)
Fourmilab - calendar converter  (keywords: Astronomy, general, Calendars)

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