Web Page Reviews - 2002 - June

Take some virtual tours of an Amish Farm. Read some Amish humor and wisdom and learn about Amish life, culture, religion, and education. Lots of photos. (2002-06)
Amish buggy rides  (keywords: Amish)
A large collection of residential antique fans dating back to the 1800's, including water powered fans. Also fan PC graphics, terminology, care and maintenance, and a calendar of fan fairs. (2002-06)
Home of the coolest machine on ice. (2002-06)
Zamboni  (keywords: Sports, general)
Info on how web sites track your habits and preferences on the Internet, with protection tips, the pros and cons of cookies, encryption links, and suggested anticookie downloads. (2002-06)
Cookie Central  (keywords: Cooking, desserts)
The Insurance Information Institute offers suggestions on performing a home inventory for insurance purposes, and how to Q&As for auto, home, health, life, disability, and other insurance categories to assist you in spending your insurance dollars wisely. (2002-06)
Insurance Information Institute  (keywords: Insurance)
For the music addict, this British site will inform you of daily musical events, including chart facts, 'best' lists, awards, No. 1's, weddings and deaths, numerous top 10 lists, and more. (2002-06)
These sites will help with mowing, watering, fertilizing, planting, repairing, weeding, and pest and pet questions you might have regarding your green carpet, including when/where/why/how to perform related activities. (2002-06)
Yard care  (keywords: Home, general)
If you want to know what's in your PC, this free utility can take an audit of all the hardware and software installed on a PC, and display it in a browser window, without sending the info to any server anywhere (so they promise). (2002-06)
Getting spam email, and want to know from where it came? This site will help you trace it back to the source ISP. Check this site's "Spam Complaints Primer" for a tutorial on extracting the offending IP address from an Outlook email message header, and then enter it here to find the culprit. The site also assists you in writing an effective spam complaint letter. (2002-06)
If you want to make sure that you are not missing any new broadband only offerings on the web, this British site promises to keep you in the know. TV, movies, radio, gaming, news, mp3, web cams, and more. (2002-06)
Yale University has a vast collection of old maps, and offers some for online viewing, including antiquarian world, continent, and country maps (1500's to 1800's), historical American and European city maps, and terrestrial and celestial globes. (2002-06)
Yale map collection  (keywords: Libraries)
A vast collection of history sites relating to aviation, medicine, technology, military, science. Also regional history sites (Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, plus more recent global/continental and US history). You won't want to miss the museums of computers. (2002-06)
View the Classic Car Club of America's American and European photo gallery. (2002-06)
This site wants to be your 'online guide to offbeat attractions' across the US. Also check the Tourism News, and don't miss the hundreds of (sometimes odd) tip suggestions of travelers (arranged by state). (2002-06)
Know your medicine. Learn how to recognize the warnings on OTC medication containers and avoid ingesting active ingredients in excess. (2002-06)
Be med wise  (keywords: Medical, general)
Learn all about the many varieties of mushrooms, including history, care and handling, preparation and nutrition. Recipes also. (2002-06)
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