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Yale University has a vast collection of old maps, and offers some for online viewing, including antiquarian world, continent, and country maps (1500's to 1800's), historical American and European city maps, and terrestrial and celestial globes. (2002-06)
Yale map collection  (keywords: Libraries)
I was checking through the listing of the web page review sites on the club web site and I could not find a listing for the Sterling Heights Library. We have had some excellent presentations on the library and their web site. This is worth listing. When you are looking for local information or information in general this might be an excellent spot to begin. (2002-05)
Sterling Heights Public Library  (keywords: Libraries, Local, general)
An immense collection of reference tools, periodicals and online texts, library information and much more. You have to see it to believe it. (2000-06)
Library spot  (keywords: Libraries)
This address is a kick off site for more than enough useful and interesting sites to last at least a short lifetime. As a start, select Find Information - Best of the Internet for recommended Web Sites. Also, check out the Online Databases for articles from hundreds of periodicals. (Some of the site's areas require that you input your Macomb County library card number. Library cards are available at any public library in Macomb County for free for residents. Also, at the Troy library.) (1999-10)
Macomb County Library  (keywords: Libraries)

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