Web Page Reviews - 2002 - September

It's another day at school. These sites may serve to be helpful with homework. (2002-09)
High school subjects  (keywords: Education, general)
History  (keywords: History, general)
Math 2  (keywords: Education, general)
Do you know what your first name means? Now you can find out what it means and where the name originates. You can find out how popular your name is and how popular it was when you started to use it. (2002-09)
Behind the name  (keywords: People, general)
Have you read some stories lately that just do not seem to be true? You can check out urban legends about computers, Coke, automobiles, Disney, or any other subject that you may have questions about. Do you know what a dord is? You can find out at snopes2. Even though it was listed in Webster's International Dictionary, it is an urban legend as to where or what this word means. (2002-09)
How do the new movies stack up? Check out the grid for ratings on 40 of the recent releases which are ranked on a 1 - 10 scale with red, yellow, and green lights. You can also see what movies are playing and what time they are on at the theaters in your neighborhood. (2002-09)
Is it time to start getting the garden ready for the coming winter or will we have a continuation of the current weather? What type of weather will you find on your trip to Chicago? Will I have any delays with my flight due to the weather? Check out these weather sites and see if you will need a raincoat or if you should put the snow shovel in the trunk before you hit the road. See what temperature will be around the Detroit area, in Denver, and in places like London. (2002-09)
Weather  (keywords: Weather, general)
Accuweather  (keywords: Photography, weatherWeather, general)
Have you ever wondered if those old record albums are worth anything? Now you can check to see what the old records by Elvis and the Beatles are worth. (2002-09)
Money music  (keywords: Finances, general)
Are you concerned about staying healthy while you are away from home? These two sites will help answer your questions. (2002-09)
Trip prep  (keywords: Travel, general)
CDC - travel  (keywords: Government, generalTravel, general)
Do you need information on your travel destination? What is there to see, what is there to do when you get there, or for that matter how do you get there? Check these sites out. (2002-09)
Travel and Leisure  (keywords: Travel, general)
Travel Channel  (keywords: Travel, general)
If you are looking for a good source of world news, money, sports, life, technical, and weather check out the online version of USA Today. (2002-09)
USA Today  (keywords: Newspapers, general)
As you are traveling through the internet check out this site from the Library of Congress. It will provide you with links to Portals from over 60 different countries around the world. (2002-09)
Library of Congress - portals to the world  (keywords: Government, general)
Need help with that basement repair? Is your car not running right? Are you looking for information concerning you hobby? Check out the Do It Yourself site. They offer information and links to many of the do it yourself projects as well as help with arts, crafts, hobbies and recreation. (2002-09)
DIY Net  (keywords: Home, repairs)
Are you a history buff? Do you find the first ladies of the USA of interest? You can get information from Martha Dandridge Custis Washington to Laura Welch Bush. (2002-09)
If you are interested in the Presidents, you can get information on all of them from George Washington to George Bush. (2002-09)
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