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A guided tour of the visible human. View animations of transverse, coronal, and sagittal sectioning. Start with the "Planes of Section, with animation" option. Of particular interest are the QuickTime movies, which can be paused for a better view. All animations and movies are downloadable. (2012-03)
Human sectioning  (keywords: Medical, general)
Click on 'Health Tools' for health calculators, self-assessments, quizzes and visual slide guides to learn more about your health. (2007-04)
Mayo Clinic  (keywords: Medical, general)
National Headache Foundation educates sufferers and professionals on causes and treatments. Select "Educational Resources". (2005-03)
National Headache Foundation  (keywords: Health, generalMedical, general)
A photojournalist documents his experiences through kidney failure, dialysis, and transplant. Over 100 images detail the journey step by step. (2004-02)
John F Martin  (keywords: Medical, general)
An online Hand/Eye Coordination test. Requires speakers or headphones to be turned on. (2004-01)
Hand / Eye coordination test  (keywords: Medical, general)
Cancer Lynx is a search site for information for cancer patients and professionals. Enter your search topic and view dozens of related websites. (2003-04)
Cancer lynx  (keywords: Medical, general)
Know your medicine. Learn how to recognize the warnings on OTC medication containers and avoid ingesting active ingredients in excess. (2002-06)
Be med wise  (keywords: Medical, general)
Now you can have the Mayo Clinic make a house call. You can access Mayo on the web to get information regarding your health and the health of your family. There is a search engine so you can get information on specific topics. There are articles that address subjects such as children's middle ear infections, knee injuries, etc. You can even sign up for their newsletter. (2002-03)
Mayo Clinic  (keywords: Medical, general)
Have you been taking care of your heart? The American Heart Association offer information on warning signs of heart trouble, diseases and conditions, events that are taking place in the community, and information for having a healthier life style. (2002-03)
American Heart Assoc  (keywords: CharitiesMedical, general)
Cancer is something that can effect anyone at any time. This site handles difficult issues with intelligent information. This site will provide information to those newly diagnosed about treatment options and side effects. There are links that will get you in contact with support groups. The site is also full of statistics, drug information and self risk assessments. (2001-11)
Phobia list  (keywords: Medical, general)
With the recent events we find ourselves in a new and not better world. The Federal Center for Disease Control has a web site that contains information on anthrax. It also provides answers to frequently asked questions. For the most accurate and up to date information go to: (2001-11)
CDC - disease information  (keywords: Government, generalMedical, general)
This site offers to let you interact with your future self. Click on various body parts to learn what health changes to expect and how to best deal with them. Substitute "50" or "60" in the URL depending on your age group. (2001-06)
Third age - changing in the 40s  (keywords: Health, generalMedical, general)
How is your health? Have you been feeling a little run down? Get the answers to your health questions at Med Help. This site provides its own search engine, a question and answer forum, and a support network, as well as medical and health news. (2000-11)
Med help  (keywords: Medical, general)
With all the bogus medical information on the web, here's another trustworthy site. The Mayo Clinic site covers everything from allergies and asthma to nutrition for men, women, and children. And that's just the beginning… (1999-05)
Mayo Clinic  (keywords: Medical, general)

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