Web Page Reviews - 2002 - May

Now for our food site. All different types of recipes from appetizers and main dishes to seafood and soup. This site will allow you to go in and indicate the number of servings and it will convert the recipe to give you the quantities you will need to make the perfect size dish for your group of hungry people. (2002-05)
All Recipes  (keywords: Cooking, general)
For the collectors of coins, stamps, currency, sports, autographs, and music, you can get information on prices, auctions, grading, authentication. Find out what that autograph from former President George Bush is worth, or if you can get any money for that 1919 Buffalo Nickel. Don't spend it (unless it's wooden). It is listed as selling for $1,350. (2002-05)
Collectors  (keywords: Hobbies, general)
Are you interested in history or do you have someone in school that is studying the presidents of the United States? This site will give you a picture of each of the presidents and an overview of what was happening while they were in office. (2002-05)
How do I make out a will? How do I become a citizen? Get answers to these and many other legal questions about Accident Law, Family Law, Personal Injury and Tax Law. Just remember this is just a guild for information; contact an attorney as necessary. (2002-05)
Free advice  (keywords: Reference, general)
Have you gotten any of those email chain letters? Now you can check out what the manufacturer really said, check for virus hoaxes, see the latest chain letters, get information to determine what is factual and is not. (2002-05)
Here is a source to look up both yellow and white page phone numbers. (2002-05)
Are you interested in British art? Check out the British Museum. (2002-05)
I was checking through the listing of the web page review sites on the club web site and I could not find a listing for the Sterling Heights Library. We have had some excellent presentations on the library and their web site. This is worth listing. When you are looking for local information or information in general this might be an excellent spot to begin. (2002-05)
Sterling Heights Public Library  (keywords: LibrariesLocal, general)
If you are interested in studying the countries of the world you will want to visit this site from the Library of Congress. It has chosen specialists for each of 60 countries who have create links to what they think are the best web sites on that country. The links are divided by topics. (2002-05)
Library of Congress - portals to the world  (keywords: Government, general)
Here is a site for anyone that is shopping for an online boutique for beauty products. It has more than 5,000 products and tips on using them. (2002-05)
Find the latest world news at Daypop, a search engine to get current events. (2002-05)
Have you taken any photographs lately and wondered why they just did not look the way you wanted them to look? Or have you had some pictures that did not look the way you remember it? Kodak has a learning center that might offer some assistance to improve your digital pictures. (2002-05)
If you are an American history buff you will enjoy the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. (2002-05)
Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery - American history  (keywords: History, general)
More and more people are taking to the sky. The Riviera is one spot that is as popular as it has always been. Here are some sites to get you acquainted with the area. They will provide information on where to stay, where to eat, what to see, maps of the areas, practical information for the area, and even web cams to see the area. (2002-05)
Nice tourism  (keywords: Travel, general)
Eze Riviera  (keywords: Travel, general)
Monaco tourism  (keywords: Travel, general)
Antibes-Juanlespins  (keywords: Travel, general)
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