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Could your garage be beckoning burglars? How crooks get in and how to keep them out. (2023-12)
Keep burglers out of your garage  (keywords: Home, general)
How to wrap extension cords, cables or hoses using the easy, tangle-free method of a ~over/under'. (3-min. video) (2023-12)
Wrapping cords/cables/hoses "over/under"  (keywords: Computers, hardware, cablesHome, general)
Can you skip the surveyor and find your property lines with LandGlide? (2023-11)
Find property lines with LandGlide  (keywords: Home, general)
How to cool down your room without air conditioning. (2020-09)
Cool down without A/C  (keywords: Home, general)
Your side-kick for all of your basement related problems and projects: foundation, flooring, drywall, sump, and more. (2019-09)
Basement problems & projects  (keywords: Home, general)
Learn more about what's in household products, potential health effects, and safety and handling. (2010-02)
Household products  (keywords: Health, generalHome, general)
Hand and power tool reviews, how to projects, buying guides (some in audio format), and more. (2010-01)
Tool reviews  (keywords: Home, general)
Companion site to the PBS series - planning tips, DIY videos, tool use and care, and more. (2009-01)
This old house  (keywords: Home, general)
Home Ec 101 - what you wish your mama taught you. (2008-10)
Home-ec 101  (keywords: Home, general)
Guide to folding napkins. (2007-06)
Napkins  (keywords: Home, general)
User manuals, operating instructions, and user guides for various home electronic devices and appliances. (2007-06)
User manuals  (keywords: Appliances, generalHome, general)
Compare the cost of renting and buying equivalent homes. (2007-05)
Buy vs. rent  (keywords: Finances, housingHome, general)
Locate available housing in your area - for sale, rent, rooms, and sublets. (2006-12)
Housing  (keywords: Home, general)
Guide to energy efficient heating and cooling. (2006-11)
Energy Star  (keywords: Home, general)
Conserve energy in your home. Download fact sheets on many energy subjects. Click on "Library". (2006-04)
Energy fact sheets  (keywords: EnergyHome, general)
Explore options for saving energy and using renewable energy at home, at work, in community, while driving. Energy self-audits and calculators. (2006-04)
Energy at home  (keywords: EnergyHome, general)
Unusual lighting fixtures from Europe (click on catalog and then lighting). (2004-11)
Luxor furniture  (keywords: Home, general)
Site of "Today's Homeowner" TV show - quick tips and articles on home improvement and home solution challenges. (2004-10)
Today's homeowner  (keywords: Home, generalHome, repairs)
These sites will help with mowing, watering, fertilizing, planting, repairing, weeding, and pest and pet questions you might have regarding your green carpet, including when/where/why/how to perform related activities. (2002-06)
Yard care  (keywords: Home, general)
Did you just break that bowl that belongs to the set of dishes that you got for your wedding? Now what do you do? Don't give up. Check out replacements on the web. They have over 8 million pieces of china in 160,000 different patterns. They also have silver and crystal. (2002-03)
Replacements  (keywords: Home, generalReference, general)

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