Web Page Reviews - 2003 - April

If you are in the market for a digital camera, this site will certainly interest you. Select camera models and compare the test photos side by side. Click on any of the photos or subtitles and you dig deeper into more samples using finer tweaks of the cameras' features and settings. Also, this site has numerous articles on image editing, printing, scanning, metering and composition, as well as selecting and breaking in a new camera. (Sadly, the 'pixel' article is way out of date.) Also, there are brief reviews of printers, scanners, and imaging software. (2003-04)
Comparometer - cameras  (keywords: Photography, cameras)
These people collect your grocery lists and post them. Is yours on this list? (2003-04)
Keaggy - grocery lists  (keywords: Food, general)
Do you own a yottabyte hard drive? How about a zettabyte? What's a neper? Or an astro unit? What's the true definition of a megabyte? You may be surprised! It's all at the National Institute of Standards and Technology's "Constants, Units and Uncertainty" site. (2003-04)
All about calendars through the years: Chinese, Christian, Indian, Islamic, Jewish, French, Mayan, Roman, Coruscant (Star Wars!), and others. How many weeks in a year? 52 or 53? It depends. What is the first day of the week? Find out what and why here. (2003-04)
Cancer Lynx is a search site for information for cancer patients and professionals. Enter your search topic and view dozens of related websites. (2003-04)
Cancer lynx  (keywords: Medical, general)
A list of well known ports, as assigned by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, is listed here. (You should already be familiar with port 80.) (2003-04)
Carnegie Mellon University has created help articles on such Home Computer Security topics as using/updating antivirus software, reading email with attachments, installing/using firewall software and hardware, password construction, file encryption, and more. (2003-04)
A beginner's guides to staying safe while online when using high speed Internet access, general computer and home network security, security tips, and security related site links. The Tech Talks section offers free verbal and interactive 'courseware'. (2003-04)
A stunning Flash5 Player demonstration of the gradual optical degradation caused by Retinitis Pigmentosa. (2003-04)
Exploratorium - retinitis pigmentosa  (keywords: Medical, vision)
The Microsoft Product Support Newsgroups site is available for anyone to post questions to anyone, including MS Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs), read posts, search for specific topics, or to answer a question. (2003-04)
Microsoft - newsgroups  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
This site offers info on learning the various flavors of Windows, popular Windows annoyances, registry tips, networking, reducing screen clutter, troubleshooting, humor, various discussion forums, and more. (2003-04)
Financial calculators of all sorts: mortgage, auto loan, savings/budget, business, retirement, credit card, insurance, stock/mutual fund, and IRA, plus articles on saving, investing, and retirement. (Click on "Calculators" button.) (2003-04)
Invest through Direct Stock Purchases (DSPs) and Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs) as an alternative to stockbrokers. Extensive tutorial and company listings here. (2003-04)
Dow Jones Indexes develops, maintains and licenses market indexes for use as benchmarks, and as the basis of investment products. View the myriad of indexes here, as well as analytical tools and FAQs. (2003-04)
This site lists Trojan Horse viruses and the default ports that are used by them. Be prepared. Go to this site and click on News. (2003-04)
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