Web Page Reviews - 2005 - December

Try listed recipes and submit your own. (2005-12)
Compare travel costs among multiple airlines, hotels, and auto rentals. (2005-12)
Unique artwork - click on 'Paintings'. Links to other artists' web pages. (2005-12)
Ryden art  (keywords: Art, general)
What's a soft bounce? A hard bounce? A Zulu? A 404? Crawler? Masthead? All your tech terms defined. (2005-12)
Tech definitions  (keywords: PCs, help)
National War College image collection of US and foreign military equipment, patches, US and world leaders, national sites, maps, and flags. Click on 'Image Collection'. (2005-12)
NOAA hurricane hunter pilot captures hurricane Katrina at her meanest. (2005-12)
Thousands of images of hurricane Katrina destruction. Click on '7,000 aerial images'. (2005-12)
Unique cover and poster artwork. (2005-12)
Beach art  (keywords: Art, general)
Free online firewall, spyware, and internet speed tests. (2005-12)
Firewall & speed test  (keywords: PCs, securityPCs, utilities)
APWG is the global pan-industrial and law enforcement association focused on eliminating e-mail fraud and identity theft. Select "Phishing Archive" for e-mail examples. (2005-12)
Phishing  (keywords: Email, generalPCs, helpPCs, security)
TrustWatch Search site displays trustworthiness rating information of websites. Available toolbar indicates when visiting fraudulent websites. (2005-12)
Collections of and links to pictures and descriptions of castles, palaces, abbeys, churches, terms, legends, and myths. (2005-12)
Watch or download episodes of DigitalLive TV. Discussions and presentations of all things digital. (2005-12)
Wonder Screens are desktop wallpapers that are active. Many types, including holidays. (2005-12)
Talking Alarm Clock lets your computer remind you of important dates and events. Free download. (2005-12)
Michigan public sex offender registry site. Search by name or zip code. (2005-12)
Michigan Sex Offenders  (keywords: Law, generalPeople, general)
The why's and when's of DST, including the new schedules starting with 2007. (2005-12)
Why does bent spaghetti break in multiple places instead of just one place? (2005-12)
Create mosaic pictures composed of many small pictures (tiles) from your own photos. (2005-12)
Observe the physics of this animation; grab the object with the mouse and toss it around. (2005-12)
Local web site(s) of the month; sites of interest in and near SE Michigan. Look here each month for another interesting site from our area. (2005-12)
The dETROITfUNK project is an opinionated photo site that explores the streets, politics, and culture of the Motor City. Browse through Detroit's many forgotten corners and hidden places. Don't miss the Graffiti Gallery. (2005-12)
Investigate promising career directions, with respective training requirements and salaries. (2005-12)
A newspaper's annual lists of Michigan's best recreation, entertainment, eateries, markets, culture, and more, since 2003 (2005-12)
AAA tracks the retail gasoline prices by state or metropolis. Also, a trip fuel cost calculator. (2005-12)
Key: Green: active web sites - - Red: inactive web sites
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