Web Page Reviews - 2006 - January

Use this retailer's questionnaire to determine best tires for your vehicle. Compare various tire specification ratings. (2006-01)
Tire selector  (keywords: Automotive, general)
Clear Sky Clocks - perhaps most accurate and most usable forecasters of astronomical observing conditions for over 1900 observatories and observing sites in North America. (2006-01)
Clear Sky Clocks  (keywords: Astronomy, generalLocal, generalWeather, general)
Comprehensive drug information resource; search through 24,000 medications. (2006-01)
Drug info  (keywords: Health, generalMedical, reference)
Free access to high quality health and wellness information, written for the lay person. (2006-01)
Creative animations in shorts, TV, and commercials. (2006-01)
Animations  (keywords: Animation, generalEntertainment, general)
Practical, affordable home maintenance TV show episodes and how to articles about utilities, carpentry, plumbing, pets, pests, and more. (2006-01)
Collection of freeware. (2006-01)
Your birth date details. (2006-01)
Birth date info  (keywords: Curiosity)
This association consists of state officials charged with the responsibility of collecting and reuniting owners with their unclaimed property. (2006-01)
Unclaimed property  (keywords: Finances, general)
Historic bridges of Michigan - pictures and history. (2006-01)
Michigan bridges  (keywords: Buildings, generalHistory, generalLocal, general)
Move the egg up the ladder. (2006-01)
Super Bowl 2005 commercials. Other video categories also available for viewing. (2006-01)
View over 500 US and international TV ads. Extensive search capability. (2006-01)
Best ads on TV  (keywords: Entertainment, generalTelevision, general)
Site dedicated to artistic photos of liquid freefall, drops, splashes, squirts, and beads. (2006-01)
Liquid sculpture  (keywords: Photography, art)
Root kits are mechanisms and techniques whereby malware, including viruses, spyware, and trojans attempt to hide their presence from anti-spyware and anti-virus utilities. Free detection utility here. (2006-01)
Rootkits  (keywords: PCs, security)
Most often misspelled words and mispronounced words and phrases in English. (2006-01)
Bad English  (keywords: Education, generalLanguage, general)
Photos which give new insight into the world of science and the workings of nature. Select 'winners'. (2006-01)
A web screen designer's site, with unique visual effects and games. Start with Visual Effects and select "Grappa" - create mouse artworks here. (2006-01)
Check the on time performance and delay severity ratings of commercial flights before you purchase your next ticket. (2006-01)
Flight stats  (keywords: Airline, generalTravel, general)
Illustrated dictionary of jewelry. (2006-01)
Jewelry  (keywords: Jewelry)
How to fry an egg in a PC. (2006-01)
See what's on sale at local retailers. E-mail alerts available. (2006-01)
Corporate cartoons. (2006-01)
Corp cartoons  (keywords: Humor, general)
Local web site(s) of the month; sites of interest in and near SE Michigan. Look here each month for another interesting site from our area. (2006-01)
Local listings for community activities, personals, for sale, employment opportunities, and more. (2006-01)
Craig's List  (keywords: Local, Detroit, shows & events)
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