Web Page Reviews - 2005 - November

A PDF Forum for Users and Programmers; ask questions, get answers. (2005-11)
PDF forum  (keywords: PCs, helpPCs, utilities)
Download effects, skins, visualizations, codecs, and more for Windows Media Player 10. (2005-11)
This might be a remedy to your MS Outlook Express corruption woes. (2005-11)
MSOE corruption  (keywords: PCs, helpWindows, WinXP)
Lots of unique interactive puzzles and mazes. (2005-11)
A quick jigsaw puzzle diversion. (2005-11)
Every dog has his/her webpage. (2005-11)
Dog web pages  (keywords: Animals, generalInternet, browsing, general)
Every cat has his/her webpage. (2005-11)
Cat web pages  (keywords: Animals, generalInternet, browsing, general)
Wrecked exotic cars. (2005-11)
Wrecked cars  (keywords: Art, automotiveAutomotive, general)
How have you been spending your valuable time? (2005-11)
Origami with money. (2005-11)
Compare various cerebellums up close and personal. (2005-11)
Download USDA's free nutrient database software for 7000 common foods. Click on "Download software". (2005-11)
NHTSA crash test ratings, airbag and tire safety, and rollover prevention information here. (2005-11)
Crash tests  (keywords: Automotive, safety)
Tyson the skateboarding bulldog - pictures and videos. (2005-11)
Converting a partition from FAT32 to NTFS in Windows XP. (2005-11)
Convert partition  (keywords: PCs, helpWindows, WinXP)
A number placing game; unique logical solution for each one. (2005-11)
Sudoku game  (keywords: Games, onlineGames, puzzles)
American Sign Language Browser - view videos of thousands of words as ASL signs. (2005-11)
Sign language  (keywords: Language, signing)
"Highly informative and entertaining look into America's lawsuit crazed legal community". (2005-11)
Gallery of extremely large representations of ordinary things. (2005-11)
Fascinating weather related digital photography. (2005-11)
Hints/tips for controlling household clutter and chores; printable planning forms - menus, to do's, fitness, travel, parties, spring cleaning, Xmas, etc. (2005-11)
Controlling pantry pests - descriptions, pictures, solutions. Includes printable PDF doc. (2005-11)
Pantry pests  (keywords: Bugs, control)
Free quick shutdown utility for all Windows flavors. (2005-11)
Windows shutdown  (keywords: PCs, utilities)
26 works of art at Minneapolis Institute of Arts inspired by mythology around the world. (2005-11)
University of Michigan database of animal natural history - information, pictures, and sound bites. (2005-11)
Earth as Art - view the Earth through eyes of the Landsat-7 satellite. (2005-11)
Local web site(s) of the month; sites of interest in and near SE Michigan. Look here each month for another interesting site from our area. (2005-11)
Search for gas around Detroit by price, type, or location. (2005-11)
Gasoline prices in Detroit  (keywords: Automotive, generalFinances, general)
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