Web Page Reviews - 2008 - November

Design contraptions to get the wheel into the goal. (2008-11)
Contraption  (keywords: Entertainment, online, general)
Tech support manuals and troubleshooting for consumers, browse by manufacturer, then by category of product. (2008-11)
Fixya  (keywords: Home, repairsHow and How To)
A fast paced colorful presentation of how CFLs and LEDs can save money and energy. (2008-11)
Free program to open, create, edit, and extract CD and DVD image files, also convert bin images to iso and back. (2008-11)
Internet speed test, are you getting what you are paying for? (2008-11)
Large collection of professionally produced and user generated how to videos. (2008-11)
How-to videos  (keywords: How and How To)
Entertaining collection of feline pictures. (2008-11)
Funny cats  (keywords: Animals, cats)
Optical illusions. Click on "View Thumbnails" to see more groups of illusions. (2008-11)
Mind fake  (keywords: Illusions)
Entertaining collection of canine pictures. (2008-11)
Funny dogs  (keywords: Animals, dogs)
Users sing karaoke, practice singing, and challenge friends; microphone is optional. (2008-11)
Karaoke party  (keywords: Music, general)
Some proverbs and famous quotes. (2008-11)
Instructions for building a matchbox pinhole camera. (2008-11)
Pinhole camera  (keywords: Photography, pinhole)
Graphical ways of looking at income, ancestry, population, wealth, taxes, and more. Downloadable posters. Search for graphs or browse through categories. (2008-11)
Visual economics  (keywords: Economics)
A selection of television shows, movies, clips and other visual content. (2008-11)
Hulu  (keywords: Movies, generalTelevision, general)
Darwin Awards, a dimwit for all seasons. See the 8 minute video. (2008-11)
Find the key and open the door to move to the next room. ANYTHING is possible to find the key and the door. (2008-11)
Key & Door maze  (keywords: Games, online)
Recipes for cleaning all sorts of things. (2008-11)
How to clean stuff  (keywords: Home, maintenance)
Collection of furry pet portraits. (2008-11)
Furtographs  (keywords: Photography, animals)
Search for a location or just mouse around and view photos of the mapped surroundings. (2008-11)
Panoramio  (keywords: Maps, general)
Enter an address and view the roads that have the highest number of traffic fatalities in the specified area. (2008-11)
Paper mache artist at work in videos. (2008-11)
Paper Mache  (keywords: Art, general)
Digital clock display using Flickr photos. (2008-11)
Online canvas with unique artistic tools. (2008-11)
A time line of recording technology history, tinfoil cylinders to MP3 players, with loads of links to related topics. (2008-11)
Pictures and videos of steam driven and robotic creations. (2008-11)
Free extensive system information utility displays detailed information about your system properties and settings. (2008-11)
Gtopala  (keywords: Software, free)
Collection of civil war related materials. (2008-11)
The Civil War  (keywords: Military, generalWar, general)
Over 1,000 Civil War images, photographs, and cartes de visites. (2008-11)
Civil War pictures  (keywords: Military, generalWar, general)
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