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America's last drive-in movie theatres. (2021-03)
Drive-in movie theatres  (keywords: Movies, general)
The opening to a movie is designed to get you in the mood for the action type to follow. This site celebrates the design of the title sequences with many dozens to view. (2017-10)
Movie title design  (keywords: Movies, general)
The biggest collection of movie scripts available anywhere on the web. Our site lets you read or download movie scripts for free. (2017-02)
Movie scripts  (keywords: Movies, general)
Search for a movie by exploring through over 50 feelings. (2014-12)
Flick seeker  (keywords: Movies, general)
Extensive selection of movie information focused on current and upcoming releases. Numerous daily feed updates and profiles for hundreds of movies in production, and release calendars. (2012-04)
Movie insider  (keywords: Movies, general)
A selection of television shows, movies, clips and other visual content. (2008-11)
Hulu  (keywords: Movies, generalTelevision, general)
Site claims that it's the largest on line video site directory and search portal on the web. (2008-03)
OV guide  (keywords: Movies, general)
Various text and visual quizzes for movie addicts. (2006-06)
Movie quiz  (keywords: Games, onlineMovies, general)
Can't remember the ending plot twist in a movie? Want to spoil it for someone else? (2006-04)
Plot twist  (keywords: Movies, general)
View 3 short films from this animation company (select film, then click 'movie'). (2005-04)
Blur animation  (keywords: Animation, generalMovies, general)
Recommendations of music, movies, concerts, and videos from a Christian point of view. (2005-02)
Jesus freak hideout  (keywords: Entertainment, generalMovies, general)
Synopsis and reviews of current movies, plus long term local movie theater schedules. (2005-02)
Movie tickets  (keywords: Movies, general)
This site uses a unique rating system to help guide parents in locating child appropriate movies. (2005-02)
Kids in mind  (keywords: Children, generalMovies, general)
Visit the Theater for classic animation movie outtakes, trailers, and some short films. (2004-11)
Pixar  (keywords: Movies, general)
Popular movies in 30 seconds, reenacted by bunnies. (2004-11)
Angry alien  (keywords: Movies, general)
Movie fans may enjoy discovering mistakes in films and Easter eggs hidden on movie DVDs. (2004-09)
Movie mistakes  (keywords: DVDMovies, general)
Rotten Tomatoes has grown to become a premier destination for both casual moviegoers and film buffs alike; a dependable resource and objective coverage of movies and videos, with more than 100,000 titles and 360,000 review links in its ever growing database. (2003-11)
Rotten tomatoes  (keywords: Movies, general)
Nothing to do? Want to waste some time? Watch a bad movie. Reviews, lessons learned, special scenes to look for, sound and video clips, images. (2003-09)
Bad movies  (keywords: Entertainment, generalMovies, general)
Find out what is on at the movies. You can get news, trailers, festival information, show times and reviews. (2003-03)
Cinema  (keywords: Movies, general)
No, not real corpses, but real fake corpses. Movie special effects that can make your place look just like Norman Bates', but without the funky fragrance. (2002-10)
Distefano  (keywords: Movies, general)
You can preview just about anything on the web before you buy. You can preview over 3 million movies, music, games, and TV shows. (2001-03)
First Look  (keywords: Movies, general)
Those movie and music stars really make some good money. Want to be a part of the action? Invest through the Hollywood Stock Exchange by purchasing stock in your favorite stars such as Tom Hanks or Whoopi Goldberg and then watch how well they do in their next work. (2000-05)
HSX  (keywords: Movies, general)

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