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How to seal sinks, bathtubs, backsplashes and more using 100% silicone sealant. (With 2-min. video) (2020-02)
Sealing at home with silicone sealant  (keywords: Home, repairs)
How to clamp round or slippery objects: table pedestal, tool handle, and more. (2019-09)
Clamping objects  (keywords: Home, repairs)
Comprehensive tools and resources for home improvement, maintenance, and repair projects. Search by metropolitan area, including Detroit. (2014-09)
Home advisor  (keywords: Do It YourselfHome, repairs)
Tools and information for home improvement projects and basic home repairs. (2013-03)
BobVila  (keywords: Home, repairs)
Look here for current, obsolete, or hard to find window and door replacement hardware. Also some DIY and FAQ tips. (2010-04)
Door parts  (keywords: Home, maintenanceHome, repairs)
Tech support manuals and troubleshooting for consumers, browse by manufacturer, then by category of product. (2008-11)
Fixya  (keywords: Home, repairsHow and How To)
Instructions and tips on troubleshooting and repairing or recycling household things that break. (2007-11)
Fixit club  (keywords: Home, repairs)
DIY projects, including how to build your own jet engine. (2006-11)
Instructables  (keywords: Home, repairs)
Home improvement and home repair video tutorials, tips, advice, projects and products. (2006-10)
Home repair help  (keywords: Home, repairs)
Plumbing 101 - plumbing home improvement and repair DIY articles. Select "Plumbing 101" near bottom of site. (2005-06)
Plumbing 101  (keywords: Home, repairs)
Free service for locating prescreened home improvement contractors. (2005-05)
Contractor search  (keywords: Home, repairs)
Site of "Today's Homeowner" TV show - quick tips and articles on home improvement and home solution challenges. (2004-10)
Today's homeowner  (keywords: Home, generalHome, repairs)
Need help with that basement repair? Is your car not running right? Are you looking for information concerning you hobby? Check out the Do It Yourself site. They offer information and links to many of the do it yourself projects as well as help with arts, crafts, hobbies and recreation. (2002-09)
DIY Net  (keywords: Home, repairs)
How do you stick this to that? This site will help you determine how best to join any two of eleven listed materials to each other. (2002-04)
This to that  (keywords: Home, repairs)
Click on 'How To' articles for numerous well written tutorials (with diagrams and illustrations) of house and garden repair projects (from replacing switches and removing stains to laying a brick path and building a fence). (2002-04)
Corner Hardware  (keywords: Home, repairs)
DIY supplies numerous how to projects with easy step by step directions, with many photos. Chat online with experts on Saturdays. What condition is YOUR lawnmower in? How are YOU going to remove that grime from the deck? (2001-06)
DIY Net  (keywords: Home, repairs)
Do you have some things that need repairing around the house but you just are not sure where or how to begin? Do it yourself may be just the answer. (2000-11)
Do It Yourself  (keywords: Home, repairs)

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