Web Page Reviews - 2008 - October

Create table place cards using origami. (2008-10)
Step by step guide to building a PC. (2008-10)
PC building  (keywords: PCs, general)
World's lowest street legal car. (2008-10)
How much time does it take to burn X calories? Click on 'Food', then on 'Calorie Burn Calculator'. (2008-10)
Organize your applications on up to four virtual desktops. (2008-10)
Virtual desktop  (keywords: Windows, general)
For guitar players, an online guitar tab player with many popular song examples. (2008-10)
Songsterr  (keywords: Music, lessons)
Castle history and design also food, music, poetry, and hauntings of British medieval times. (2008-10)
Medieval castle  (keywords: History, EnglandTravel, England)
A chatter bot that responds with anagrams of what you say to it. (2008-10)
Abandoned and active subway trains, stations, and tunnels, power plants, mills and factories, railroad yards, and other unusual places. (2008-10)
Abandoned places  (keywords: Photography, ruins)
Collection of war time propaganda posters. Download all images in one file. (2008-10)
Odd instruments, music, and sounds from around the world. (2008-10)
British car enthusiast club site with collection of classic and antique vehicles. (2008-10)
These guys will resize your MSIE browser window. (2008-10)
Guide to common home laundering and dry cleaning symbols. (2008-10)
Home Ec 101 - what you wish your mama taught you. (2008-10)
Home-ec 101  (keywords: Home, general)
View complete British National Archives public information films from 1945 -2006. (2008-10)
Brit National Archives  (keywords: History, England)
Guess 100 most common English language words in 5 minutes. (2008-10)
Educational quiz and trivia games created by site members. (2008-10)
Purpose games  (keywords: Entertainment, online, gamesGames, online)
Track hurricanes and tropical storms in colorful detail. (2008-10)
Hurricanes/storms  (keywords: Weather, storms)
Relive the good ol' days of music videos. (2008-10)
80s Music Videos  (keywords: Music, videos)
Atmospheric Optics - where to see them and how they form. (2008-10)
Atmospheric optics  (keywords: Science, general)
Search 70,000 foods and 500 restaurant menus for nutritional value of offerings. (2008-10)
Spectacular imagery, animations, and details on morphology of many representatives of the Earth's biota. Start with "Browse the library by common names". (2008-10)
Odd sculptures around the world. (2008-10)
Videos sorted by subject ; sports, nature, science, music, comedy, and more. (2008-10)
WWII photos. (2008-10)
WW2 in color  (keywords: Photography, militaryWar, photography)
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