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Amateur violinist plays a palindromic duet with his future self, traveling backwards in time, in a one-shot take. (3-min. video) (2024-04)
Palindromic violin duet  (keywords: Music, general)
Can't understand what they are singing? Try searching for the tune lyrics here in this large song database. Search by artist name or song title. Many are arranged within their original album with associated tunes. (2022-05)
AZ Lyrics  (keywords: Music, general)
Did you ever wonder how to play a song backwards, and how it would sound, and even whether any hidden messages are there? Here's how to use Audacity to reverse audio in Windows. (2021-09)
Play songs backwards in Audacity  (keywords: Music, general)
Accappella group Pentatonix performs the classic Simon & Garfunkel song "The Sound of Silence". (4 minute video) (2019-09)
Sound of Silence  (keywords: Music, general)
Select a year between 1960 and 2013 to hear some of the popular tunes of that era. (2016-04)
Nostalgia music machine  (keywords: Music, general)
100 years of rock in less than a minute. View associations among various music genres. Click on genre labels to listen to music samples. (2015-02)
100 years of rock  (keywords: Music, general)
Recordings from the extraordinary collections of the Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation and other contributing libraries and archives. (2011-11)
National jukebox  (keywords: Music, general)
Users sing karaoke, practice singing, and challenge friends; microphone is optional. (2008-11)
Karaoke party  (keywords: Music, general)
Remembering rock and roll artists of the '50's, '60's and '70's. (2007-05)
Classic bands  (keywords: Music, general)
Enter music artist or browse sound genres and select from international stations which play similar content online. (2007-03)
Live365  (keywords: Music, general)
This service helps introduce you to music and artists similar to the ones in which you express interest. (2007-03)
Pandora music  (keywords: Music, general)
Create your own virtual guitar chords or learn to strum established ones. (2007-02)
Virtual guitar  (keywords: Art, musicEntertainment, online, generalMusic, general)
Links to over 10,000 radio station web pages and over 2500 audio streams from radio stations in and out of the U.S. (2006-09)
Radio locator  (keywords: Music, general)
Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame site contains much musical history. Interactive 'Timeline' feature offers information on eras, genres, artists, events of 20th century. (2005-09)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame  (keywords: Museum, generalMusic, general)
Can you repeat all the lyrics of your favorite tunes? Just guessing sometimes? The Archive of Misheard Lyrics will help with over 1700 bungled lyrics. Popular miscues and the actual words. (2001-06)
Archive of misheard lyrics  (keywords: Music, general)
This site is devoted to the Fab Four's anthology of No. 1 hits, and includes snapshots and videos of the creative pop group. (2001-04)
The Beatles  (keywords: Music, general)
Find the lyrics to numerous tunes at this site (it may link you to a secondary site, depending on your choice). (2001-04)
AZ Lyrics  (keywords: Music, general)
A mish mash of information such as discussions of MP3, fonts, creating/animating/publicizing web sites, weird foods, a clever Cat Manual, and more. (2000-10)
Andreas  (keywords: Music, generalReference, general)
Here's a sampling of quality MP3 sites for amassing a collection of tunes, some free, some for a fee. (2000-01)
MP3  (keywords: Music, general)
Don't forget the music. You can get personalized CDs at: (1999-12)
K-Tel  (keywords: Music, general)

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