Web Page Reviews - 2012 - November

Photo collections on Space Exploration, Nature, Environment, Urban, Urban Decay, Religious Events, Exotic Places, Entertainment, and more. Try to identify locations in photos from the ISS. (2012-11)
Free program can add digital watermarks to all your images, photos, and pictures with the transparency you decide. Can also resize the images before the digital watermark is added. (2012-11)
Watermark-Image  (keywords: Photography, softwareSoftware, watermark)
Free tool for converting audio files to video format so that you can easily upload them to YouTube, Facebook, or other video hosting and sharing services. (2012-11)
Guitarist jams though the history of Rock N' Roll by playing 100 famous guitar riffs in one continuous take. (2012-11)
A light hearted description of the United Kingdom. (2012-11)
UK history  (keywords: History, UKHumor, politics)
Silk, a magical interactive artwork. Draw with your mouse. Change colors and symmetry. (2012-11)
Silk  (keywords: Software, drawing)
Document shows the approximate amount of time required for a computer or a cluster of computers to guess various passwords. (2012-11)
Thousands of pictures from 1850 to 1950. Click on any of the very small pictures, then a second time for a picture larger than your screen, with amazing detail. Other historical photo galleries available too. (2012-11)
Shorpy  (keywords: Photography, history)
Thousands of flashcard sets in dozens of subject categories to learn or refresh knowledge. Some subjects include miscellaneous games and challenges to support training. (2012-11)
Study Stack  (keywords: Education, training tools)
Cause a chain reaction. (2012-11)
Chain reaction  (keywords: Entertainment, online, general)
Nugget in a Biscuit video. (Healthful hint: Even though it's 10 HOURS long, you'll have seen everything there is to see within the first 3 minutes - unless you really like the groove.) (2012-11)
Nugget in Biscuit  (keywords: Entertainment, music)
You have two minutes to complete a series of logic mind challenges. (2012-11)
Entertaining videos, original stories, tested recipes, and in depth discussions, all about restaurants, cooking, and more. (2012-11)
About cooking  (keywords: Food, general)
Encyclopedia of writing systems and languages - details of more than 180 writing systems (alphabet, syllabaries), info about over 500 languages, useful foreign phrases in more than 150 languages, and more. (2012-11)
Writing systems  (keywords: Language, general)
A selection of fill in the blank stationary for situations of appreciation, romantic intent, gratitude, grievance, apology, invitation, and more. (2012-11)
Watch hundreds of rock, pop, jazz, blues, and r&b music videos. (2012-11)
Collection of histories and pictures of the castles of Wales, plus abbeys, timelines, builders, and more. (2012-11)
Wales castles  (keywords: Buildings, Castles & Palaces)
Vast collection of short and long training videos in many categories - computers, biology, nursing, economics, languages, and more. IT videos range from understanding computers and internet to security to programming language tutorials. (2012-11)
Select one of the two Indo-European Language Family Trees and click on any language block to view a map of where the language is or was spoken. (2012-11)
Four minutes to name words based on their phonetic spelling plus other games. (2012-11)
Name words  (keywords: Games, online)
Free program makes remembering things easy through use of content agnostic premade or custom decks of cards which supports images, audio and videos. (2012-11)
Remembering  (keywords: Education, training tools)
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