Web Page Reviews - 2012 - October

Collection of articles and photography of New York City architects and architecture, both contemporary and historical. Of special interest: "World Trade Center Timeline". Or select the "Site Map" button. (2012-10)
NYC architecture  (keywords: Architecture, general)
Free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books. (2012-10)
Calibre-ebook  (keywords: Books, e-books)
Be cautious when requesting free credit score reports, when so many sources just want access to your personal info. This site offers collection of articles and links on credit, identity theft, web safety, bankruptcy, and more. Select 'Additional Resources'. (2012-10)
Credit score  (keywords: Finances, general) remove per email
Many Windows 7 Command Prompt commands are similar to classic MS-DOS commands. Here is a list of those Windows 7 CP commands. The list notes those which do not work in 64 bit Windows 7. (2012-10)
Command prompt  (keywords: Windows, general)
Free utility displays the list of all device drivers currently loaded on your system in one view. Add this to your PC toolbox. (2012-10)
Driver view  (keywords: Software, driversWindows, general)
View historical maps from international locations. Site overlays old maps onto satellite maps for comparison. Discover redirected rivers and shorelines, growing metropolitan areas, and more. View "Collection Tour" video and "View Collection" tab. (2012-10)
Historical maps  (keywords: History, generalMaps, general)
Thousands of crafts, patterns, recipes, and tips to help with everyday living. Cleaning and household tips, crafts, gardening, free printable items and paper crafts, and more. (2012-10)
Tipnut  (keywords: CraftsGardening, generalHow and How To)
Type the numbers 1-100 as fast as you can. Use digits, not letters, in this timed test. (2012-10)
Fast typing  (keywords: Games, online)
Map shows real time (updated every 30 seconds) positions of 13,000 satellites around the Earth. (Download requested plug in for viewing.) (2012-10)
Satellite positions  (keywords: Space, satellites)
Fifty lessons to learn common Japanese expressions. Download lessons and text accompaniment. (2012-10)
Common Japanese  (keywords: Language, Japanese)
Create containers to categorize any kind of file and document as well as folders and bookmarks for quick finding and sorting. Watch intro video. Download 'Home Edition' for free version. (2012-10)
Tabbles  (keywords: Windows, utilities)
Free tool to check documents for plagiarism. (2012-10)
Scan my essay  (keywords: Literary, tools)
Pages of global charts comparing taxes, capitals, disease, energy, forestation, traffic, bribery, and so much more. (2012-10)
Site tracks live plane locations around the globe. View individual plane name, identification, position, call sign, status, course, and lots more. (2012-10)
Plane finder  (keywords: Aircraft, commercialAirline, tracking)
Public reference site for spyware and malware research, details about spyware, adware, and their behaviors, all compiled in an extensive updated database. Start with "Access the Guide". (2012-10)
Mint is an Ubuntu based Linux distribution whose goal is to provide a more complete out of the box experience for simpler installation and use. (2012-10)
Linus Mint  (keywords: Linux, distros)
Crossword puzzle game that tells you which letters to use. Game gets progressively more difficult. (2012-10)
Crossword letters  (keywords: Games, crossword puzzlesGames, online)
Site provides helpful accurate information on most commonly used drugs and medications in easily understood manner. (2012-10)
Drugs db  (keywords: Medical, drugs)
Free screen reader talking software for people with little or no sight. Available in a dozen languages. (2012-10)
Take a BMW M3 out for a spin on the Nurburgring Grand Prix circuit. Use mouse, keyboard, or steering wheel hardware for control. (2012-10)
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