Web Page Reviews - 2012 - December

Register to have e-mail alerts sent to you whenever the International Space Station (ISS) is due to pass overhead in your area. (2012-12)
ISS alerts  (keywords: Space, station)
Math Bits is devoted to offering fun, yet challenging, lessons and activities in secondary and college level mathematics and computer programming for students and teachers. (2012-12)
MathBits  (keywords: Education, generalMathematics, general)
Observe the computer waging war against itself. Come back in a few hours to see which side won. (2012-12)
Rotate the pipes so that all ends are closed. Each puzzle is increasingly challenging. (2012-12)
Rotate pipes  (keywords: Entertainment, online, gamesGames, puzzles)
64 = 65. Or does it? (2012-12)
64=65  (keywords: Mathematics, general)
Watch full length PBS shows online. (2012-12)
PBS shows  (keywords: Television, shows, general)
Current position of the International Space station (ISS). Updated each minute. (2012-12)
ISS position  (keywords: Space, station)
Click on the Macomb County zip code map to select an eatery and view its Food Service Establishment Inspection Report for recent violations and corrections. (2012-12)
Zombie Trailer Park - annihilate the attacking zombies before they annihilate you. (2012-12)
Zombie Trailer Park  (keywords: Games, online)
View Mayan ruins in Central America. Select site from map, view description, and click on 'photos' for viewing angles. Some have artifact and museum links as well. (2012-12)
Mayan ruins  (keywords: History, Central AmericaTravel, Central America)
History of military and political conflicts from decades BC to present year, using a time line which pinpoints incidents on a map. Each incident contains description of related events. (2012-12)
Conflict History  (keywords: Maps, militaryWar, maps)
Microsoft Malware Protection Center - a Threat Research and Response Blog. Keep abreast of new malicious code instances and assorted vulnerabilities. (2012-12)
Free downloadable security tool that provides on demand scanning and helps remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. It works with your existing antivirus software. (2012-12)
Desktop QR Code reader for Windows. Decodes QR Codes directly from images on your PC's screen or from within documents. (2012-12)
QR reader  (keywords: Shopping, generalWindows, utilities)
Site provides instructions on removing your account or public profile from many popular websites, including Skype, Facebook, Windows Live, more. Also cautions about sites which do not allow deletions. (2012-12)
Account removal  (keywords: Privacy, generalSocial, sites)
Free tool for drawing on Internet maps and then sharing them. (2012-12)
Inet maps  (keywords: Internet, mappingMaps, general)
World and regional internet usage. View global stats, then click on individual continental breakdowns. You may be surprised at the comparisons. (2012-12)
Inet usage  (keywords: Statistics, Internet)
Ubuntu based GNU/Linux live distribution, created as a project of digital forensics, offers a complete forensic environment that is organized to integrate existing software tools as software modules and to provide a friendly graphical interface. (2012-12)
Caine-Live  (keywords: Computers, securityLinux, distros)
Listen to the dialects of English in each of the United States. (2012-12)
Link and remove all matching tiles to continue to the next level. (2012-12)
Magic-links  (keywords: Games, online)
That's all there is. (2012-12)
That's all  (keywords: Internet, generalUseless)
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