Web Page Reviews - 2015 - January

Choose from over 450,000 free icons to spice up your desktop. Search by word or just browse the collection. (2015-01)
Find icons  (keywords: Windows, icons)
Peruse this family's world travel pictures, also a nice collection of vintage military and war time photo galleries. (2015-01)
Vintage military  (keywords: Military, general)
View hundreds of tips and how to articles in many categories; business, computers, food, games, health, photography, sports, and much more. (2015-01)
For Dummies  (keywords: Do It Yourself)
Helps stop the continued circulation of hoaxes (distributed via e-mail, social media, blogs, online forums, etc.) by publishing information about them. (2015-01)
Daily news about all things Linux and Ubuntu with tips and application reviews. (2015-01)
Linux news  (keywords: Linux, general)
Eleven nifty utilities to help you supercharge your Ubuntu experience. Many more Ubuntu tips, themes, reviews, and how to's on this website. (2015-01)
Ubuntu tips  (keywords: Linux, Ubuntu)
Interesting things, humor, facts, videos, quotes, wallpapers, photos, and more stuff to view when you have nothing better to do. (2015-01)
Wasting time  (keywords: Internet, browsing, general)
Collection of free flash games to play on the web. (2015-01)
Flash games 2  (keywords: Games, online)
Tutorials, tips, and solutions for users of MS Excel. (2015-01)
Mr. Excel  (keywords: Office suites, Excel)
Free tool for removing adware, PUPs, tool bars, and browser hijackers. (2015-01)
AdwCleaner  (keywords: Software, security)
Calving at the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland. Three square miles disappear in 75 minutes. (2015-01)
Ilulissat  (keywords: Nature, general)
List of 70 "Google Now" voice commands. (2015-01)
Google Now  (keywords: Internet, browser, general)
Beginners guide for the Ubuntu 14.04 operating system will help you become familiar with everyday tasks (surfing the web, listening to music, scanning documents, etc.). Suitable for all levels of experience. (2015-01)
Ubuntu 14.04 manual  (keywords: Linux, Ubuntu)
Detailed information about every Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing home in the country. Compare health inspections, staff attention to patients, quality of care, penalties, and fines. (2015-01)
Nursing homes  (keywords: Medical, nursing)
Take any of 380 interactive online classes from top universities and organizations for free in computers, health, history, arts, finance, electronics, law, science, and more. (2015-01)
Edx classes  (keywords: Education, training online)
Welcome....and welcome again....and again.... (2015-01)
The GIMP image manipulation software is a raster editor (like Photoshop and Windows Paint), which means that it performs operations directly on the pixels that make up the image and not a vector editor. (2015-01)
Gimp  (keywords: Software, image editor)
Worm sways to the movement of your mouse. Faster mouse movement provides chaos and nonsense. (2015-01)
Staggering Beauty  (keywords: Useless)
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