Web Page Reviews - 2015 - February

Helicopter history website has records, evolution, principles of flying, manufacturers, rescue stories, time line, and more. (2015-02)
Helicopters  (keywords: Aircraft, general)
A modification of the free open source GNU Image Manipulation Program, "GIMP", intended to replicate the feel of Adobe Photoshop. (2015-02)
Gimpshop  (keywords: Software, photography)
Free feature rich and easy to use photo manipulation tool that allows you to create beautiful works of art from your digital photos. (2015-02)
Fotosketcher portable  (keywords: Software, photography)
100 years of rock in less than a minute. View associations among various music genres. Click on genre labels to listen to music samples. (2015-02)
100 years of rock  (keywords: Music, general)
Great mouse enhancement utility that lets you scroll through any inactive window you hover your mouse pointer over and not just the active window. (2015-02)
Wixmouse  (keywords: Windows, mouse)
20 free PC applications to ease daily tasks. (2015-02)
20 free PC apps  (keywords: Software, general)
Your new PC needs these 22 free excellent programs. (2015-02)
22 apps for new PC  (keywords: Software, general)
Each month, this site offers detailed information about all security and non-security patches that Microsoft released in that month. Perhaps look here before installing MS patches on your PC? (2015-02)
MS patch details  (keywords: Windows, general)
How to add Windows 8's best desktop features to Windows 7. (2015-02)
Win8 features in Win7  (keywords: Windows, Windows 7, general)
Helicopters recognition guide, cockpit views, theory, history, pictures from UK and Russia, and more. (2015-02)
Helicopter guide  (keywords: Aircraft, general)
7 critical things to do immediately with a new PC. (2015-02)
New PC tasks  (keywords: Software, general)
Essential free software you can't afford to miss. (2015-02)
Essential free software  (keywords: Software, general)
American Association of Wartime Veterans educates and assists (for free) veterans and their surviving spouses on the Veteran's Aid and Attendance pension. (2015-02)
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Holiday Insights has traditions, fun, facts, and more. Every day is a holiday! (2015-02)
Holiday insights  (keywords: Holidays, general)
News stories and resources that are informative and fun and can help you save money. (2015-02)
Cheapism  (keywords: Finances, spending)
Lighthouses has web links, museums, festivals, and more. Of particular interest: several hundred amateur pictures of Michigan lighthouses (see "PHOTO CONTEST"). (2015-02)
Michigan lighthouse guide  (keywords: LighthousesLocal, general)
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