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What is a Checksum (and why should you care)? (2022-02)
What is a checksum?  (keywords: ProgrammingSoftware, general)
Why you should stop using Ccleaner on Windows right now: The popular Ccleaner tool includes a new behavior, titled "Active Monitoring", which collects info about your system. Can you really disable it? (2018-09)
Is Ccleaner safe?  (keywords: Software, general)
Learn how pioneering software engineers helped NASA launch astronauts into space and bring them back again; pushing the boundaries of technology as they did it. (2017-12)
Launching astronauts  (keywords: Software, generalSpace, general)
Google's Earth Pro is now free to download and use. (Requires Google Chrome web browser.) Travel the globe to specific destinations or let yourself be taken to random locations. (2017-06)
Google Earth Pro  (keywords: Software, general)
Ditch popular Google services with these awesome alternatives. (2017-02)
Google app alternatives  (keywords: Software, general)
Is the online "Reimage Repair" offering legitimate? (Hint: Doesn't appear to be.) (2016-12)
Reimage Repair  (keywords: Software, general)
Use a free download manager to speed up your web downloads. (2015-11)
Download mgr  (keywords: Software, general)
Essential free software you can't afford to miss. (2015-02)
Essential free software  (keywords: Software, general)
7 critical things to do immediately with a new PC. (2015-02)
New PC tasks  (keywords: Software, general)
Your new PC needs these 22 free excellent programs. (2015-02)
22 apps for new PC  (keywords: Software, general)
20 free PC applications to ease daily tasks. (2015-02)
20 free PC apps  (keywords: Software, general)
Old versions of 191 programs. (2007-11)
Old apps  (keywords: Software, general)
This site reviews, rates, and categorizes shareware and freeware for downloading. (2004-12)
Snap Files  (keywords: Software, freeSoftware, general)
Because newer isn't always better - older versions of popular applications available here. (2004-11)
Old version  (keywords: Software, general)
Descriptions of useful freeware utilities which deserve consideration for your PC. (2004-10)
Aumha - freeware  (keywords: Software, general)
Your PC malfunctions because it is missing a key .DLL file? Look here for it. (2004-06)
DLL files  (keywords: Computers, helpSoftware, general)
Say it in binary. Play with encoding and decoding ASCII text. (2004-04)
Encoding and decoding ASCII  (keywords: PCs, languageSoftware, general)
View timeline of miscellaneous computing languages. Click on the timeline diagram to enlarge it and follow their creations and how they feed into each other. Also similar diagrams of Windows and Unix histories. (2004-04)
Time line of computer languages  (keywords: Computers, generalHistory, generalPCs, languageSoftware, general)
Time line of Windows  (keywords: Computers, generalHistory, generalPCs, languageSoftware, generalWindows, general)
Time line of Unix  (keywords: Computers, generalHistory, generalPCs, languageSoftware, generalUnix)
The File Extension Resource offers searchable alphabetical listing of file extensions. Also check FAQ link for answers to common basic Windows confusions. (2004-04)
File Extension Source  (keywords: Computers, helpSoftware, general)
Hundreds of game, utility, and screensaver/wallpaper files for free downloading. (2003-12)
Winsite - free  (keywords: Games, generalSoftware, general)
This file extension source contains a detailed database of file extensions and programs that use them. Searchable. (2003-09)
File Extension Source  (keywords: Computers, helpSoftware, general)
Windows not cooperating with you again??? Don't waste your time on hold with its maker. This Windows Support Center site ought to be able to help you out of your latest MS desktop system jam. Articles, FAQs, How To's, registry patches, knowledge base links, and recommended freeware utilities. A gem of a site. (2002-04)
Aumha  (keywords: Software, general)
Here is a great site for over 30,000 shareware, freeware and trial versions of programs. You can find out other information about software such as when will a trail version expire or is an uninstaller included. (2001-03)
Download  (keywords: Software, general)
A much more affordable (free!) alternative to MS Office is the Word and Excel suite available here. Works with Win 9x/NT/2000. Also includes an image editor. (Graded by PC Magazine as "damn good".) (2000-10)
Software 602  (keywords: Software, general)

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