Lighthouses (6)

Photographs, directions, histories, and GPS coordinates of every U.S. lighthouse and of several Canadian lighthouses. (2017-01)
Lighthouse GPS  (keywords: Lighthouses)
Lighthouses has web links, museums, festivals, and more. Of particular interest: several hundred amateur pictures of Michigan lighthouses (see "PHOTO CONTEST"). (2015-02)
Michigan lighthouse guide  (keywords: LighthousesLocal, general)
The Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy contains information about lighthouses and life saving stations located in Michigan. Descriptions and pictures of over 100 structures. (2004-03)
Michigan lights  (keywords: LighthousesLocal, general)
URL of the nonprofit organization working to save the South Channel Lights in Lake St. Clair. The first site has several photos of the towers from the last two centuries. While you're there, you may decide whether to support their cause. Additional lighthouse sites (Michigan and elsewhere) are listed as well. (2001-12)
Lighthouse getaway  (keywords: Lighthouses)
Lighthouse fans, your ship has landed! This is a great site with dozens of photos and brief descriptions (US and overseas). (2000-10)
IPL lighthouses  (keywords: Lighthouses)
For lighthouse fans, here are some websites with photos and descriptions and history of lighthouses of the Great Lakes and US and Canada seashores. (Although some sites want you to purchase photos, there are still many photos to view online.) (2000-04)
Florida Lighthouses  (keywords: LighthousesTravel, FL)

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