Web Page Reviews - 2015 - April

Virtual tour of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Follow arrows on the floor. Zoom in and out of some exhibits (using mouse wheel or arrow keys) and download preset photos of others (look for camera icon). (2015-04)
Smithsonian National History  (keywords: Museum, general)
Ubuntu weekly newsletter. Read current issue, browse the archives for previous issues, or subscribe. Select "Print View" to print issues to paper or file. (2015-04)
Ubuntu weekly  (keywords: Linux, UbuntuLinux, periodical)
Various image editing products treat pictures in different ways. What's the difference between vector and bitmap images? (2015-04)
Vector vs. bitmap  (keywords: Photography, software)
Microsoft warns to remove gadgets in Windows Vista and Windows 7 or risk attack. (2015-04)
Shut down gadgets  (keywords: Windows, VistaWindows, Windows 7, generalWindows, security)
Don't use gadgets  (keywords: Windows, VistaWindows, Windows 7, generalWindows, security)
Anyone can look up the default ID and password for your home router, which is why you should change them when you set yours up to avoid a hacker's attempt to do so. (2015-04)
Router password  (keywords: Security, router)
Just one of several sites with thousands of objective third party product reviews in a vast range of categories from anti-virus software to robot vacuum cleaners to credit card processing services. (2015-04)
Many reviews  (keywords: Shopping, reviews)
Easy to use diagnostic tool that helps troubleshoot a wide range of system issues: presence of suspicious and unsigned files, an unpatched operating system, outdated or malfunctioning drivers, suspicious network connections, and more. (2015-04)
Sysinspector  (keywords: Software, diagnostic)
How to emulate Android and run Android apps on your PC. (2015-04)
Emulate Android  (keywords: Android, general)
Draw geometric shapes using various gear pairs. Toggle the gears on and off to see results. Save your masterpieces and view samples from others. (2015-04)
Inspirograph  (keywords: Art, drawingEntertainment, online, general)
Short tutorial in creating a website using WordPress. (2015-04)
WordPress websites  (keywords: Internet, web design)
Some LibreOffice tutorial videos. (2015-04)
LibreOffice tutorial vids  (keywords: Office suites, general)
Some of the world's greatest cities, attractions, maps, facts, and loads of photos. (2015-04)
'Uncomplicating the Complicated' site provides tutorials, news, and reviews about computer hardware in very easy to follow language. (2015-04)
Hardware secrets  (keywords: Computers, hardware, general)
A daily free Android app which you'd have to purchase otherwise. (2015-04)
Daily android app  (keywords: Android, generalSoftware, android)
Infographic on websites which are spying on your Internet activity with suggestions on improving your security. (2015-04)
Website spying  (keywords: Internet, security)
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