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Delete least used apps from your Android phone, especially those which you have no idea what they do - they could be silently malicious. (2024-04)
Delete least-used apps from Android phone  (keywords: Android, general)
How to fix a broken charger port on your phone, tablet, or laptop. (2023-11)
Fix broken charger port  (keywords: Android, generalApple, generalComputers, hardware, charger)
How to mirror your Android phone's screen on Amazon Fire TV. (2023-10)
Mirror Android phone on Amazon Fire TV  (keywords: Android, general)
What to do if you forget your Android phone's PIN, pattern, or password. (2023-10)
Android PIN, pattern, password  (keywords: Android, general)
Look up when your software/hardware will stop getting updates. Lists end-of-life dates for Windows, Office, Linux, iPhones, iPads, and MacOS products, and much more. (2023-10)
End-of-life hardware/software dates  (keywords: Android, generalApple, generalComputers, generalLinux, generalSoftware, generalWindows, general)
Wirelessly cast your Android phone or tablet's screen to a TV. (2023-05)
Cast Android phone/tablet screen to TV  (keywords: Android, general)
How to enable Secure Private DNS on Android. (2023-03)
Secure Private DNS on Android  (keywords: Android, general)
Instead of bombarding your friends with multiple screenshots, you can take and send a scrolling screenshot on Android. (2023-01)
Scrolling screenshot on Android  (keywords: Android, general)
How to track your data usage on Android phones. (2022-11)
Track data usage on Android phone  (keywords: Android, generalPhones, Android)
How to set custom icons for your Android apps. (2022-04)
Custom icons for Android apps  (keywords: Android, general)
How to pair Android phone with Windows PC for remote access. (2022-03)
Pair Android phone with Windows PC  (keywords: Android, general)
Has your Android device stopped syncing your email? Here are probable causes to get it back on track. (2021-12)
Android email synching  (keywords: Android, general)
How to completely block Internet access for specific Android apps. (2020-09)
Block Internet access for Android apps  (keywords: Android, general)
The goal of the Eelo project is to remove all Google services from Android to give you an alternate mobile operating system that doesn't track you and invade your privacy. Clearly, there is a demand for something different than the Apple-Google worldwide market duopoly on mobile devices. (2020-06)
Remove all Google services from Android  (keywords: Android, generalInternet, Google)
17 Android nasties spotted in Google Play store, totaling over 550,000 downloads. Always research apps before downloading them to your phone. (2020-03)
Android apps associated with malware  (keywords: Android, general)
Three ways to recover deleted photos on any Android device . (2020-03)
Recover deleted photos on Android  (keywords: Android, general)
DuckDuckGo is the clear winner of Google's first Android search provider auction. (2020-02)
Duckduckgo a winner with Android  (keywords: Android, generalInternet, search engines)
3 ways to run Android apps on Windows. (2019-12)
Run Android apps on Windows  (keywords: Android, generalWindows, Android)
How to prioritize Wi-Fi networks on your Android phone. (2018-12)
Wi-Fi networks on Android  (keywords: Android, general)
Tips to help make your old Android phone feel new again. (2018-11)
Android phone tips  (keywords: Android, general)
Android phones, even when idle, send data to Google at an alarming pace. You can stop Google from tracking you, but you might not like the results. (2018-11)
Google tracking Android phones  (keywords: Android, general)
Airdroid is a unique and useful application that lets you transfer files, send SMS messages and control your Android phone through your PC. (2018-10)
Airdroid  (keywords: Android, general)
9 Android settings that'll strengthen your security. (2018-06)
Android security settings  (keywords: Android, general)
Android security 101: How to secure your data connections and browse the web safely. (2018-02)
Android security  (keywords: Android, general)
How to install Firefox Focus, an Android browser that blocks trackers and clears your history. (2018-02)
Firefox Focus  (keywords: Android, general)
How to keep email from disappearing on your Android device. Basically just understand how IMAP and POP work. (2017-12)
Disappearing email on Android  (keywords: Android, general)
Seven ways to personalize the home screen of your Android smartphone or tablet. (2017-11)
Android home screen  (keywords: Android, general)
Find saved Wi-Fi password on Android. (2017-09)
Android passwords  (keywords: Android, general)
How to make Android faster: What works, and what doesn't. (2017-09)
Faster Android  (keywords: Android, general)
How to run Android on your computer. (2017-06)
Run Android on PC  (keywords: Android, general)
How to record phone calls on your Android phone -- And is it legal? (2017-03)
Record phone calls  (keywords: Android, general)
How to print from your Android device to any wireless printer. (8 min. video) (2017-03)
Print from Android device  (keywords: Android, general)
A few ways to get photos off of your Android phone. Do it before your phone fails, or its memory fills up. (2017-03)
Photos from Android phone  (keywords: Android, general)
Ten do's and don'ts for securing your Android device. (2016-04)
Securing Android device  (keywords: Android, general)
A daily free Android app which you'd have to purchase otherwise. (2015-04)
Daily android app  (keywords: Android, generalSoftware, android)
How to emulate Android and run Android apps on your PC. (2015-04)
Emulate Android  (keywords: Android, general)

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