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12 world-class museums you can visit online. When visiting museum sites, look for links like "collections" or "galleries" to view what is offered for free viewing. (2020-05)
World class museums  (keywords: Museum, general)
Back around the 1980s, before PCs, tablets, and cell phones, this is what we bought to play electronic games. (2020-05)
Handheld museum  (keywords: Museum, general)
Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum near Detroit. Watch several videos of this strange place on YouTube. (2015-09)
Marvelous mechanical museum  (keywords: Local, generalMuseum, general)
Air Sickness Bag Virtual Museum -- over 2500 designs. (2015-09)
Air sickness bag museum  (keywords: Aircraft, generalMuseum, general)
Virtual tour of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Follow arrows on the floor. Zoom in and out of some exhibits (using mouse wheel or arrow keys) and download preset photos of others (look for camera icon). (2015-04)
Smithsonian National History  (keywords: Museum, general)
Virtual tour of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Follow arrows on the floor. Zoom in and out of some exhibits (using mouse wheel or arrow keys), download pre-set photos of others (look for camera icon). (2015-03)
Smithsonian National History  (keywords: Museum, general)
Discover exhibits and collections from museums and archives all around the world. Explore cultural treasures in extraordinary detail, from hidden gems to masterpieces. (2014-09)
Culture institute  (keywords: CultureMuseum, general)
View 1200 of the10 billion digital records of the National Archives. (2009-11)
National Archives  (keywords: Museum, generalPhotography, history)
Exhibits, performances, and events schedules and information at the MCC Cultural Center. (2009-03)
MCC  (keywords: Local, generalMuseum, general)
Web Gallery of Art is a virtual museum and searchable database of European painting and sculpture. (2006-09)
Web Gallery of Art  (keywords: Art, photographyArt, sculptureMuseum, general)
Barcelona Perfume Museum historical and geographical evolution of perfume bottles. (2006-05)
Perfume  (keywords: Museum, general)
Gallery of historic patents - owners, descriptions, diagrams, and animations. (2005-10)
Historic patents  (keywords: History, generalMuseum, general)
Gallery of obscure patents - owners, descriptions, diagrams, and animations. (2005-10)
Obscure patents  (keywords: CuriosityHistory, generalMuseum, general)
Sears catalog from 1971. (2005-10)
Sears catalogs  (keywords: Museum, generalShopping, general)
Old Detroit history in many categories, including transportation, sports, J L Hudson's, and more. Click on 'Collections' button at the top of page for many historical photos and memorabilia. (2005-09)
Detroit history  (keywords: History, generalLocal, generalMuseum, general)
Extensive collection of Matchbox toy vehicles. (2005-09)
Matchbox toys  (keywords: Museum, generalToys)
Reverse Time Page - early radios, vacuum tubes, electric clocks, and unusual technological debris. (2005-09)
Early electronics  (keywords: Electronics, generalMuseum, general)
Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame site contains much musical history. Interactive 'Timeline' feature offers information on eras, genres, artists, events of 20th century. (2005-09)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame  (keywords: Museum, generalMusic, general)
History, construction, advertising, and models of fountain pens. Click on "penoply". (2005-05)
Fountain pen history  (keywords: History, generalMuseum, general)
Educational guide to minerals and gemstones, an extensive gallery of minerals and gemstones, and glossary of terms. (2005-02)
Minerals and Gemstone Kingdom  (keywords: GeologyMuseum, general)
Quirky inventions within these galleries contain visionary designs in the field of transportation engineering that failed creation. (2004-10)
Berkeley - quirky transportation inventions  (keywords: Museum, generalTransportation, general)
Where wrappers are to be enjoyed as art, nostalgia, and humor. (2004-10)
Candy wrapper museum  (keywords: Museum, general)
Lots of high quality photography of aircraft shows and museums, and birds, insects and reptiles. (2004-09)
Richard Seaman  (keywords: Museum, generalPhotography, general)
Visit the Post It Note Theater. (2004-04)
Post-It Note Theater  (keywords: Museum, general)
The Micropolitan Museum exhibits the often overlooked works of art that are only visible through a microscope. The “museum floor plan” link is a good place to start. (2004-04)
Micropolitan Museum  (keywords: Art, generalMuseum, general)
Museum of Unworkable Devices - pictures, illustrations, and animations of impossible contraptions. (2004-03)
Museum of Unworkable Devices  (keywords: Museum, general)
Virtual museum of Canada. Check the image gallery. Especially interesting (and expansive) are the astronomy and toy sections. (2004-03)
Virtual Museum  (keywords: Astronomy, generalCanadaMuseum, generalToys)
Various classic computer museums. Where you can look at big plastic boxes with less processing power than a TV remote. (2003-11)
Obsolete Computer Museum  (keywords: History, generalMuseum, general)
Old computers - free serve  (keywords: Computers, general)
Mark Randall Museum  (keywords: Museum, general)
The Canon Camera Museum offers displays of successive generations of cameras, digital cameras, and lenses, and the lens manufacturing process. View newspaper advertisements and catalogs from the time products were launched as well as block diagrams and photograph samples. (2002-10)
Canon camera museum  (keywords: Museum, generalPhotography, general)
Are you interested in British art? Check out the British Museum. (2002-05)
British Museum  (keywords: Museum, general)
Let's make a stop at Frick. This is a museum with a 360 degree view of the art collection at the Chicago Institute of Art. (2000-03)
Frick  (keywords: Museum, general)
Now back to the USA and on to Houston. This museum has a very nice collection of impressionist and post impressionist works. (2000-03)
MFAH  (keywords: Museum, general)

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