Web Page Reviews - 2017 - October

Your router's security stinks. Here's how to fix it. (2017-10)
Router security 2  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Troubleshoot performance issues in Windows 10/8/7. (2017-10)
Troubleshoot Windows performance  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
You need to find out for yourself if you've been affected by the 2017 Equifax data breach. (2017-10)
Equifax breach and you  (keywords: Security, credit)
Microsoft Excel: Why your spreadsheet is so slow. (2017-10)
Slow Excel spreadsheets  (keywords: Office suites, spreadsheets)
Using GParted in GNU/Linux for beginners (2017-10)
Gparted tutorial  (keywords: Linux, utilities)
Understanding Linux commands for managing, partitioning, and troubleshooting disks and file systems. (2017-10)
Linux commands 2  (keywords: Linux, general)
A list of suggested Firefox add-ons which can help boost your productivity, reclaim privacy, and automate mundane tasks. (2017-10)
Firefox add-ons 2  (keywords: Internet, browser, Firefox)
Help keep your Windows PC running in tip-top condition with this guide to Windows troubleshooting. (2017-10)
Windows troubleshooting guide  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
How does London's Big Ben keep accurate time? (3-min. video) (2017-10)
Big Ben's time  (keywords: Time, Big Ben)
What do you do with your boarding pass after your flight lands? What's hidden there? (2017-10)
Boarding pass security  (keywords: Airline, security)
Drone display sets world record for most UAVs airborne simultaneously. (3-min. video) (2017-10)
Drone airborne record  (keywords: Drones)
Decryption tools available here for SOME types of ransomware. (2017-10)
Ransomware decryption tools  (keywords: Security, ransomware)
SpaceX CRS-12: Falcon 9 launch and landing, 14 August 2017. Watch both stages in a split screen, as one of them returns to earth intact. (8-min. video) (2017-10)
SpaceX launch/landing  (keywords: Space, vehicles)
Jay Leno races 2,500 HP on 2 wheels in a "Hemi Under Glass", a 2,500-horsepower Plymouth Barracuda. But is this what he expected? (5-min video) (2017-10)
Hemi Under Glass  (keywords: Automotive, racing)
The opening to a movie is designed to get you in the mood for the action type to follow. This site celebrates the design of the title sequences with many dozens to view. (2017-10)
Movie title design  (keywords: Movies, general)
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