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How to enable or disable volume control and hardware media key handling in Mozilla Firefox. (2021-10)
Handling media volume control in Firefox  (keywords: Internet, browser, Firefox)
How to install extensions (add-ons) in Mozilla Firefox. (2021-04)
Install add-ons in Firefox  (keywords: Internet, browser, Firefox)
The Firefox web browser, like the majority of browsers available today, collects Telemetry data. You can browse the Telemetry that Firefox collects and you can also easily choose to opt out of this collection (go to Tools...Options...Privacy and Security). (2020-03)
Firefox browser telemetry  (keywords: Internet, browser, Firefox)
10 quick ways to speed up the new Firefox Quantum web browser. (2018-06)
Speed up Firefox Quantum  (keywords: Internet, browser, Firefox)
A list of suggested Firefox add-ons which can help boost your productivity, reclaim privacy, and automate mundane tasks. (2017-10)
Firefox add-ons 2  (keywords: Internet, browser, Firefox)
10 Firefox tips and tricks for Windows users. (2016-11)
Firefox tips  (keywords: Internet, browser, Firefox)
Most useful Mozilla Firefox about:config tweaks. (2016-11)
Firefox tweaks  (keywords: Internet, browser, Firefox)

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