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Useful ways to reuse an old router (don't throw it away!). (2021-10)
Reuse an old router  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
10 ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal. (2021-06)
Boost router's wireless signal  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
802.11 Standards explained: 802.11ax, 802.11ac, 802.11b/g/n, 802.11a. Is your modem/router up-to-date? (2021-04)
802.11 standards explained  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Tips to boost your wireless signal from your router, extend and optimize your Wi-Fi coverage, and speed up your surfing. (2021-04)
Boost router's wireless signal  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
7 reasons why you should replace your ISP's router. (2021-03)
Replace your ISP's router  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Why do routers have USB ports? (2020-11)
USB ports on routers  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Picking a wireless router that delivers fast and reliable Wi-Fi, as well as excellent coverage, is not an easy task. Learn what to look for in a router. (2020-10)
Selecting a wireless router  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Why do routers have USB ports? (2020-04)
USB ports on routers  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Your ISP (Comcast, WOW, ATT, etc.) may be using your router as a public hotspot. Is this safe for you? Does it compromise your network, your data, your bandwidth? What can you do about it? (2020-04)
Use router as hotspot  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Is your router safe? 3 ways hackers can attack your home router. (2020-04)
Hacking your router  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Can everything I do online be monitored at my router? Another excuse to consider subscribing to a VPN service. (2019-05)
Router monitoring  (keywords: Computers, hardware, routerSecurity, router)
What's the difference between a router, a wireless router, and a wireless access point? (2018-11)
Router vs. Access Point  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
50 funny WiFi names for your router's network SSID. (2018-11)
Funny router names  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
The VPNFilter Router Malware infection affects many brands of routers. Here's how to test whether yours is vulnerable to this threat, and if so, how to fix it. (2018-09)
VPNFilter Router malware  (keywords: Computers, hardware, routerSecurity, router)
Free check to see if your router has been hacked by criminals. (2018-03)
Hacked router check  (keywords: Computers, hardware, routerSecurity, router)
How to find the best Wi-Fi channel for your router on any operating system, particularly in close living conditions. (2018-01)
Find best Wi-Fi router channel  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
17 ways to put old computers and routers to new use. (2017-11)
New uses for old PCs & routers  (keywords: Computers, hardware, routerComputers, reuse)
Your router's security stinks. Here's how to fix it. (2017-10)
Router security 2  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Eight uses for old wireless routers. (2017-09)
Router uses  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
How to stop your Asus router being hacked: step-by-step guide to changing your password and updating firmware. (2016-09)
Asus router hack  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Some internet connectivity problems can be remedied with a properly done power cycling of your modem and router. (2016-03)
Proper modem/router power cycling  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
What settings should I change on my Wi-Fi router? (2014-04)
Router settings  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
Help setting up port forwarding on your router/firewall for use with applications like Peer to Peer file sharing (PtoP), Internet Games, Web serving, FTP serving, WebCams, IRC DDC, and Instant Messaging. (2008-03)
Port forward  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)

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