Web Page Reviews - 2021 - March

Check if your data has been leaked. (2021-03)
Has your data been leaked?  (keywords: Security, email)
Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Explore birds, amphibians, mammals, and more. Some accompanied by audio files. (2021-03)
Explore birds, amphibians, more  (keywords: Animals, general)
How to split data into multiple columns in Excel. (2021-03)
Split data in Excel  (keywords: Office suites, Excel)
Everyday new word search puzzles in 3 different sizes. (2021-03)
Word Search puzzles  (keywords: Games, puzzles)
The history of Caps Lock: Why does the Caps Lock key exist? (2021-03)
History of Caps Lock  (keywords: Computers, hardware, keyboards)
Tracking cookies: How to limit third-party data collection. (2021-03)
Limit tracking cookies  (keywords: Security, browser)
How to switch to DuckDuckGo, a private search engine. (2021-03)
Switch to DuckDuckGo private search engine  (keywords: Internet, search engines)
Why do keyboards have a Windows key? Here's where it started. (2021-03)
History of Windows key  (keywords: Computers, hardware, keyboards)
Ultimate Superuser's Guide to the uBlock Origin web browser ad blocker. (2021-03)
Guide to uBlock Origin ad blocker  (keywords: Internet, blocking ads)
Having trouble uninstalling a version of MS Office from your PC? This is the solution!! (2021-03)
Fully uninstall MS Office  (keywords: Office suites, uninstall)
How to use Bangs in DuckDuckGo (to search other websites). (2021-03)
Using Bangs in DuckDuckGo  (keywords: Internet, search engines)
COMB: largest breach of all time leaked online with 3.2 billion records. The "mother" of all data breaches. (2021-03)
COMB - largest online security breach  (keywords: Security, Internet)
How to back up and then delete your Google account. (2021-03)
Backup and delete Google account  (keywords: Internet, Google)
Filter out annoying Facebook posts with these News Feed Preference tools. (2021-03)
Filter out Facebook posts  (keywords: Internet, Facebook)
7 reasons why you should replace your ISP's router. (2021-03)
Replace your ISP's router  (keywords: Computers, hardware, router)
16 ways to repurpose your old gadgets - PCs, phones, tablets, cameras, etc. (2021-03)
Repurpose old gadgets  (keywords: Computers, reuse)
Listen to live ATC (Air Traffic Control). Enter an airport code and listen in to approach, departure, ground and tower communications. (2021-03)
Listen to Air Traffic Control  (keywords: Aircraft, general)
America's last drive-in movie theatres. (2021-03)
Drive-in movie theatres  (keywords: Movies, general)
How to use the Windows 10 Game Bar to record anything that happens on your computer screen. (2021-03)
Using Windows 10 Game Bar  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
Take the Statue of Liberty virtual tour. (2021-03)
Stature of Liberty tour  (keywords: Tours)
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