Web Page Reviews - 2021 - December

Even when you take precautions to keep your pet safe, they sometimes still find ways to get into these 101 things they shouldn't. (2021-12)
101 things pets should not get into  (keywords: Animals, general)
4 ways your Amazon Echo devices can be hacked and how to protect them. (2021-12)
Amazon Echo hackings  (keywords: Security, smart speakers)
When Windows 10 hits its end-of-support date in October 2025, hundreds of millions of PC owners will have four options, none of them good. Windows 10 is a security disaster waiting to happen. How will Microsoft clean up its mess? (2021-12)
Will Windows 10 be a security disaster?  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, security)
With rollout of Feature Update 21H2 (on Nov. 16, 2021), Microsoft moves Windows 10 to annual updates. (2021-12)
Windows 10 "annual" Feature Updates  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, updates)
Some Amazon Kindle tablets won't connect online after December 2021. Here's how to check if yours is affected. (2021-12)
Amazon Kindles cut online access in 2022  (keywords: Tablets, Amazon Kindle)
Why does your Internet connection randomly stop working? Some fixes that you can perform. (6-min. video, ignore the long ad at the end if you wish) (2021-12)
Random Internet disconnects  (keywords: Internet, troubleshooting)
Has your Android device stopped syncing your email? Here are probable causes to get it back on track. (2021-12)
Android email synching  (keywords: Android, general)
Did you miss the 97% 3.5-hour long lunar eclipse of Nov.18/19, 2021? Here is a replay of the longest partial eclipse in almost 600 years from several vantage points around the U.S. (4-hour video) (2021-12)
Lunar eclipse 2021  (keywords: Space, Moon)
When pilots treat their aircraft like a toy. This is the story of Pinnacle Airlines flight 3701. (41-min. video) (2021-12)
Pinnacle Airlines Flt 3701 story  (keywords: Aircraft, general)
Tips and tricks to help you make the most of OneNote, the free note-taking application from Microsoft. (2021-12)
MS OneNote tips/tricks  (keywords: Software, Microsoft)
How to safely use public Wi-Fi networks. (2021-12)
Using public Wi-Fi networks  (keywords: Internet, wi-fi)
How to easily download streaming video on any platform. (2021-12)
Download streaming video  (keywords: Internet, streaming)
Steam offers some games to play for free (create a free Steam account first). (2021-12)
Free Steam games to play  (keywords: Games, Steam)
Tiny trains traversing the "land under". (5-min. video) (2021-12)
Tiny trains  (keywords: Trains, general)
10 things to know before you buy refurbished electronics. (2021-12)
Buying refurbished electronics  (keywords: Electronics, general)
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