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How to safely use public Wi-Fi networks. (2021-12)
Using public Wi-Fi networks  (keywords: Internet, wi-fi)
Wi-Fi devices are set to become object sensors by 2024 under the planned 802.11bf standard and a malicious eavesdropper could easily track a user's activity without authorization. Serious security must get built into this standard! (2021-05)
Wi-fi devices as object sensors by 2024  (keywords: Internet, wi-fi)
How to speed up your home Internet and Wi-Fi on the cheap. (2020-11)
Speed up home Internet WiFi cheaply  (keywords: Internet, speedInternet, wi-fi)
What is Wi-Fi 6? Do you need to get a new router? (2019-04)
What is Wi-Fi 6?  (keywords: Internet, wi-fi)

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