Web Page Reviews - 2022 - February

Browse photo galleries of abandoned spaces and places around America. (2022-02)
Abandoned America  (keywords: Architecture, generalTravel, general)
Windows 11 cheat sheet: Get up to speed with the new interface and features in Windows 11. (2022-02)
Windows 11 cheat sheet  (keywords: Windows, Windows 11, general)
What is a Checksum (and why should you care)? (2022-02)
What is a checksum?  (keywords: ProgrammingSoftware, general)
How to open Command Prompt (for diagnostic purposes) when Windows doesn't boot (3 ways). (2022-02)
How to open Command Prompt  (keywords: Windows, command line)
Your local Radio DJ's fake celeb chat scam, "The open-ended interview". (13-min. video) (2022-02)
The open-ended interview  (keywords: Radio, general)
Some bad VPNs you must avoid in order to protect your privacy. (2022-02)
Bad VPNs to avoid  (keywords: Security, VPN)
Scammers are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to con people into giving up their money. During this time of uncertainty, knowing about possible scams is a good first step toward preventing them. (2022-02)
Avoiding scams  (keywords: Security, scams)
Investment scams: Protect yourself. (2022-02)
Investment scams  (keywords: Finances, scamsSecurity, scams)
Two public librarians in Michigan created this collection of hundreds of library holdings that they find amusing and/or questionable for libraries trying to maintain a current and relevant collection. Contained in this site are actual library holdings (no libraries are specifically mentioned). (2022-02)
Awful library books  (keywords: Books, generalLibraries)
Is a key on your keyboard not working properly? Try this online keyboard key-tester. (2022-02)
Keyboard key-tester  (keywords: Computers, hardware, keyboards)
Many computer keyboards have an "Fn" ("function") key near the lower left corner. What is its purpose? (2022-02)
Purpose of "Fn" key  (keywords: Computers, hardware, keyboards)
What is the purpose of the F1 through F12 keys on most computer keyboards? (2022-02)
Purpose of F1 through f12 keys  (keywords: Computers, hardware, keyboards)
Easily understand your Linux RAM usage with "Smem". (2022-02)
Linux RAM usage with Smem  (keywords: Linux, general)
Visit random locations around the world. Use the Options button to select geographic localities and method of viewing and close Options. Or just hit the Go! button to travel randomly. The location you are viewing can be seen in the small box in the upper left corner of the screen. Drag your mouse to look in all directions. Use the arrows on the road to travel around. (2022-02)
Random travels with MapCrunch  (keywords: Travel, general)
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