Architecture, general (10)

The rise and fall of Penn Station (NYC), the enormous engineering feat of building and razing an iconic piece of architecture. (55-min. video) (2018-03)
Rise/fall of Penn Station  (keywords: Architecture, general, Transportation, railroads)
Discover historic places and architecture across the U.S. (2017-03)
Historic US architecture  (keywords: Architecture, general, History, architecture)
A permanent record of locations and histories of all known octagon houses (over 1000) built in the U.S. and Canada between 1848 and 1920. (2017-02)
Octagon houses  (keywords: Architecture, general)
Latest international architectural news: projects, products, events, interviews, competitions, and more. (2014-05)
Archdaily  (keywords: Architecture, general)
Places that have passed into obscurity, lesser known subjects of historical interest, and the more shadowy corners of the world. Over 400 pictorial collections of abandoned vessels, vehicles, aircraft, places, and more. (2013-10)
Urban ghosts  (keywords: Architecture, general, Art, general, Military, general, Travel, general)
Collection of articles and photography of New York City architects and architecture, both contemporary and historical. Of special interest: "World Trade Center Timeline". Or select the "Site Map" button. (2012-10)
NYC architecture  (keywords: Architecture, general)
Forgotten places and urban curiosities. Search among abandoned, architecture, military, art, and travel. (2012-09)
Urban ghosts  (keywords: Architecture, general, Art, general, Military, general, Travel, general)
Professional photo documentation, information, and advocacy for all types of historic bridges except covered bridges. (2011-05)
Historic bridges  (keywords: Architecture, general)
View recent, old, and demolition photos, postcards, and artifacts of Detroit architecture. (2010-11)
Detroit buildings  (keywords: Architecture, general, Buildings, general, Local, general)
Granot Loma - a sort of American castle on Lake Superior. Interactive presentation. (2010-09)
Granot Loma  (keywords: Architecture, general, Local, general)

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