Web Page Reviews - 2023 - April

LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Labs is a data-driven mapping platform that shows you all satellites in orbit. (2023-04)
LEO - 'Low Earth Orbit' - Labs maps satellites in orbit  (keywords: Space, general)
One view on why electronic voting is still a bad idea. (12-min. video) (2023-04)
Electronic voting  (keywords: Politics)
Excel formulas not working? 5 ways to fix them. (2023-04)
Excel formulas not working?  (keywords: Office suites, Excel)
If you want a portable Linux installation that you can use on the go, consider installing Ubuntu on a USB drive. (2023-04)
Ubuntu Linux on a USB drive  (keywords: Linux, Ubuntu)
How to view hidden files and folders on Linux. (2023-04)
View hidden files/folders in Linux  (keywords: Linux, features)
Safest free Mac software download sites. (2023-04)
Safe download sites for free Mac software  (keywords: Apple, Mac)
Excel logical functions you need to know about. (2023-04)
Excel logic functions  (keywords: Office suites, Excel)
How to activate Windows 11 with a Windows 7 key. (2023-04)
Activate Windows 11 with Windows 7 key  (keywords: Windows, Windows 11, general)
3 ways to reset a forgotten Windows administrator password. (2023-04)
Reset Windows admin password  (keywords: Windows, security)
History of Vinyl Records part #1 - 1946 film about the 78 RPM single and RCA manufacturing plant. (19-min. video) (2023-04)
History of Vinyl Records part 1  (keywords: Music, records)
History of Vinyl Records part #2 - This 1956 film showcases the manufacturing of LPs as well as spotlighting the new 12" LP format. (24-min. video) (2023-04)
History of Vinyl Records part 2  (keywords: Music, records)
History of Vinyl Records part #3 - The Advent of Stereo - This short film made by RCA in 1958 shows the then new "Living Stereo" and the improvement in dynamic range promised to the listener. (8-min. video) (2023-04)
History of Vinyl Records part 3  (keywords: Music, records)
How vinyl records are made in the 21st century. (2023-04)
Making vinyl records in the 21st century  (keywords: Music, records)
How to turn off Auto Brightness on Windows 10 or 11. (2023-04)
Turn off Auto Brightness in Windows 10 or 11  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, featuresWindows, Windows 11, features)
Stamp Digest blog presents stamp information for collectors (stamps, first-day covers, souvenir sheets, etc.) - searchable by topic and region. (2023-04)
Stamp Digest blog for philatelists  (keywords: Postal info)
Cistercian numerals are really clever. (2023-04)
Cistercian numerals  (keywords: Type/typography)
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