Postal info (4)

Enter city or zip code, get area code, latitude and longitude, census, FIPS code, and more. (2015-03)
Zip info  (keywords: Postal info)
How to remove your name from mailing, telemarketing, e-mail, and marketing lists, avoid illegitimate sweepstakes offers and promotions, and more. (2008-02)
Mail Choice  (keywords: Postal info, Privacy, general, Telephones, general)
Click-N-Ship service from the USPS. Calculate rates, print labels, pay postage, and even get free Delivery Confirmation. Visit the link below, and enter source code: D0005. (2004-06)
USPS - Click-N-Ship  (keywords: Postal info)
This compulsive international addressing guide describes conventions used in addressing snail mail from within the US to other countries and localities. Address it right the first time. (2003-06)
Guide to postal addresses  (keywords: Postal info)

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