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One view on why electronic voting is still a bad idea. (12-min. video) (2023-04)
Electronic voting  (keywords: Politics)
This tool illustrates the tough budget trade-offs involved in order to promote an informed conversation on how we can set a sustainable fiscal course. Think you can fix the National debt and build a responsible Federal budget??? Give it a try! (2017-09)
Debt fixer  (keywords: Politics)
Some US Presidential history quizzes. (2016-11)
US President quiz  (keywords: Entertainment, online, musicPolitics)
Site offers multiple choice questions about current political issues to show you who you side with on each issue. (2012-02)
ISideWith  (keywords: Politics)
Keep track of legislation in Lansing and of your legislators' voting records, including recent bills introduced and laws passed. (2010-04)
Michigan votes  (keywords: Local, generalPolitics)
Collection of maps and grids representing political polls for president, house, and senate races. (2008-09)
Electoral vote  (keywords: Politics)
Politics explained....using cows. (2007-12)
Politics & cows  (keywords: Politics)
View graphical display of presidential election results back to 1789. (2004-09)
270 Electoral votes to be elected  (keywords: Politics)
A nonpartisan, nonprofit, "consumer advocate" for voters that monitors the factual accuracy of political statements. (2004-09)
Fact check - holding politicians accountable  (keywords: Politics)
For a humorous, animated look at politics and news of the world. (2002-10)
Mark Fiore  (keywords: Humor, generalPolitics)
Campaign financing: Who gave and who got financial support in Washington and at the state level. This site is a guide to the money in American elections. (2001-04)
Open secrets  (keywords: Politics)

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