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LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Labs is a data-driven mapping platform that shows you all satellites in orbit. (2023-04)
LEO - 'Low Earth Orbit' - Labs maps satellites in orbit  (keywords: Space, general)
Project HARP - A gun that was meant to fire all the way to space. (19-min. video) (2023-03)
Project HARP - space gun  (keywords: Space, general)
Large collection of videos filled with interesting facts for the subjects of Life, History, Science, Space, and Beyond. (2022-05)
Hybrid Librarian  (keywords: History, generalScience, generalSpace, general)
A "bolide" is a very large, bright fireball (a meteor brighter than Venus). Where are they and why are they important? (2022-03)
What is a bolide?  (keywords: Space, general)
Learn how pioneering software engineers helped NASA launch astronauts into space and bring them back again; pushing the boundaries of technology as they did it. (2017-12)
Launching astronauts  (keywords: Software, generalSpace, general)
Witness the most important thing that the crew of Apollo 8 discovered in December of 1968, just as they found it. (2017-04)
Apollo 8 discovery  (keywords: Space, general)
Set the parameters for a projectile originating from space and view the magnitude of its impact on earth. (2013-12)
Earth impact  (keywords: Space, general)
Photos, diagrams, and descriptions of U.S. and International rockets, missiles, engines, space stations, and more. (2013-09)
Rockets & missiles  (keywords: Space, general)
Collection of ten tribute videos dedicated to the late great Carl Sagan, with breath taking cinematography. (2012-09)
Carl Sagan  (keywords: Space, general)
NASA astronomy picture of the day for the past 14 years. (2009-11)
NASA - antwrpl  (keywords: Astronomy, generalPhotography, generalSpace, general)
Watch "Tonight's Sky", a monthly video guide to the constellations, planets, and deep space objects of the night sky. Select "Tonight's Sky". (2009-10)
Tonight's sky  (keywords: Space, general)
Real time tracking of space station and satellites - military, radio, weather, other. (2007-02)
Satellite tracking  (keywords: Space, general)
Hundreds of high quality digital images pertaining to the historic manned lunar landing program. (2004-11)
Apollo archive  (keywords: Photography, generalSpace, general)
Multiple photo galleries of space from earth and earth from space. Hours of awe. (2004-05)
Space  (keywords: Space, general)
A searchable directory of images, visualizations, and animations of the Earth. (2003-11)
NASA - visible earth  (keywords: Government, generalSpace, general)
NASA's astronomy picture of the day. Some terrific photography, including aerial pictures of sections of the earth. See view of Mt. Etna's 1/2/03 eruption from the International Space Station, plus hundreds more. (2003-09)
NASA - antwrpl  (keywords: Astronomy, generalPhotography, generalSpace, general)
Take a closer look at the heavens with this view through the Hubble telescope. You can view animated simulations of the Galaxies, check out magnificent picture of gaseous nebulae and colliding galaxies. You can even download pictures to use as wallpaper. (2003-01)  (keywords: Space, general)
The Visible Earth is a searchable collection of images, visualizations, and animations of the Earth. Many images taken from satellites, with written descriptions to make identification easier. (2001-06)
NASA - visible earth  (keywords: Government, generalSpace, general)
This site uses Java to show planets and stars based on the day and time. It is visual and interactive. Cool site at: (1999-12)
Sky Calendar  (keywords: CalendarsSpace, general)
Observatory websites for the viewing the stars. (1999-11)
Griffith Observatory  (keywords: Space, general)
Boeing Company  (keywords: Space, general)
Lift-Off  (keywords: Lift Off)
NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center has two sites for space exploration (one especially geared towards younger potential astronauts). (1999-11)
NASA - kids  (keywords: Government, generalSpace, general)

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