Web Page Reviews - 2023 - September

Don't waste money on extended warranties for your PCs and electronics. (2023-09)
Extended warranties for PCs & electronics  (keywords: Shopping, general)
Watchin' the trains go by: You don't have to sit by the railroad track to get a glimpse, thanks to freight train livestreams. (2023-09)
Watch trains go by  (keywords: Trains, general)
Install and use Ventoy on Linux to easily boot from ISO files (multiple Linux distros). Step-by-step guide. (2023-09)
Boot from ISO files on Linux  (keywords: Linux, programs)
How to calculate and manage disk space on a MacOS system. (2023-09)
Calculate/manage disk space on MacOS  (keywords: Apple, general)
How to connect a phone or tablet to the Internet using an ethernet cable and adapter, in case of spotty Wi-Fi service. (2023-09)
Connect phone/tablet to Internet with cable  (keywords: Internet, connectivity)
How to turn off autoplay videos to avoid annoying or disturbing content or preserve bandwidth. (2023-09)
Turn off autoplay videos  (keywords: Internet, connectivity)
How to use the Windows Phone Link app with Android smartphones. (2023-09)
Windows Phone Link with Android phones  (keywords: Phones, AndroidWindows, phone connectivity)
How to unlink a phone from a Windows computer. (2023-09)
Unlink phone from Windows PC  (keywords: Windows, phone connectivity)
How much energy will the world need? (6-min. video) (2023-09)
Energy needs  (keywords: Energy)
A rotating house near San Diego. But how does the plumbing work?? (8-min. video) (2023-09)
Plumbing in rotating house  (keywords: Architecture, houses)
How to use Backup and Restore in Windows 11 and Windows 10 for full-system backups as well as individual file backups. (2023-09)
Backup & Restore in Windows  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, backupWindows, Windows 11, backup)
Read through this "Guide to Speed Classes for SD and microSD Cards" before you purchase one. (2023-09)
Speed classes for SD Cards  (keywords: Computers, hardware, general)
What's the difference? Here's a site that helps you compare...anything. (2023-09)
Compare anything  (keywords: Internet, generalShopping, general)
How to navigate the Windows Registry. (2023-09)
Navigate the Windows Registry  (keywords: Windows, registry)
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