Energy (7)

How much energy will the world need? (6-min. video) (2023-09)
Energy needs  (keywords: Energy)
Accessing Chernobyl in 2021 - Three-part video series: (2022-10)
The Plant - 18 minute video  (keywords: Energy)
The City - 17 minute video  (keywords: Energy)
The Tomb, the deadliest area - 13 minute video  (keywords: Energy)
How does wireless charging work? (2017-11)
Wireless charging  (keywords: Energy)
The Seven Types of Power Problems -- Although rather technical and directed at industry, you will realize the importance of using a UPS device to protect your delicate digital equipment (computers, tablets, stereo equipment, TVs, etc.) from daily unstable power. (2017-02)
Power problems  (keywords: Energy)
Conserve energy in your home. Download fact sheets on many energy subjects. Click on "Library". (2006-04)
Energy fact sheets  (keywords: EnergyHome, general)
Explore options for saving energy and using renewable energy at home, at work, in community, while driving. Energy self-audits and calculators. (2006-04)
Energy at home  (keywords: EnergyHome, general)
Dept. of Energy site tracks current nation wide gas prices, and economic uses, plus crude oil and natural gas prices. (2005-09)
Gasoline prices by US government  (keywords: EnergyGovernment, generalLocal, general)

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