Web Page Reviews - 2023 - October

Look up when your software/hardware will stop getting updates. Lists end-of-life dates for Windows, Office, Linux, iPhones, iPads, and MacOS products, and much more. (2023-10)
End-of-life hardware/software dates  (keywords: Android, generalApple, generalComputers, generalLinux, generalSoftware, generalWindows, general)
What to do if you forget your Android phone's PIN, pattern, or password. (2023-10)
Android PIN, pattern, password  (keywords: Android, general)
How to use "Backup and Restore" in Windows 11 and Windows 10 to create a system image. (2023-10)
Backup & Restore in Windows  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, backupWindows, Windows 11, backup)
How your phone number is exposed: Phone number leaks - Your phone number counts as personal data, and you don't just want anyone out on the internet to have it. (2023-10)
Phone number leaks  (keywords: Phones, general)
Hacked Accounts: What to do right now - If you think your social media or email account has been hacked, wrestle it away from the bad guys by acting fast. (2023-10)
Hacked accounts  (keywords: Security, general)
Device in disarray? How to manage files on your iPhone or iPad. (2023-10)
Manage files on iPhone/iPad  (keywords: Apple, general)
Where are cookies stored in Windows? (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera) (2023-10)
Where cookies are stored in Windows  (keywords: Internet, cookies)
How to mirror your Android phone's screen on Amazon Fire TV. (2023-10)
Mirror Android phone on Amazon Fire TV  (keywords: Android, general)
Why you shouldn't trust screenshots of AI Chatbot conversations. (2023-10)
Chatbot conversations  (keywords: Artificial Intelligence AI, general)
Think intelligent about Artificial Intelligence - You shouldn't put any information into an AI model you want to keep private, including sensitive information about your family. (2023-10)
Your privacy when using AI  (keywords: Artificial Intelligence AI, general)
How to tell if your computer has a virus and what to do about it. (2023-10)
Does your PC have a virus?  (keywords: Security, software)
"After LM - NASA Lunar Lander Concepts Beyond Apollo" (free downloadable PDF book). (2023-10)
Lunar Lander Concepts book  (keywords: Space, vehicles)
Here's what the world would look like if countries were as large as their population sizes (as of 2015 population data). (2023-10)
World population maps  (keywords: Maps, general)
How to close all Safari tabs at once on iPhone and iPad. (2023-10)
Safari tabs on iPhone/iPad  (keywords: Apple, general)
How to download your Facebook Chat history for safekeeping. (2023-10)
Download Facebook Chat history  (keywords: Facebook)
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