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What's the difference? Here's a site that helps you compare...anything. (2023-09)
Compare anything  (keywords: Internet, generalShopping, general)
Don't waste money on extended warranties for your PCs and electronics. (2023-09)
Extended warranties for PCs & electronics  (keywords: Shopping, general)
4 ways to scan QR codes on a Windows PC. (2023-01)
Scan QR codes on Windows PC  (keywords: Shopping, generalWindows, utilities)
Amazon charges its sellers approx. 20% of their prices for Amazon's profits, so your purchase includes that inflation. What are some other places to shop online? (2021-04)
Amazon alternatives for shopping  (keywords: Shopping, general)
What happens to Amazon returns? (2020-01)
Amazon returns  (keywords: Shopping, general)
From start to finish, inside a PayPal Phishing scam. (2015-12)
PayPal scam  (keywords: Security, shoppingShopping, general)
An amusing video description of how Amazon's warehousing operates. (2015-03)
Amazon warehouse  (keywords: Shopping, general)
More than 100 grocery and shopping lists, menu planners, expiration labels, and more that you can download and print. (2013-09)
Lists & labels  (keywords: Shopping, generalStationary)
Desktop QR Code reader for Windows. Decodes QR Codes directly from images on your PC's screen or from within documents. (2012-12)
QR reader  (keywords: Shopping, generalWindows, utilities)
Search for American made products by alphabetical category. (2011-12)
Buy American  (keywords: Shopping, general)
View complaints reported against companies by consumers. Add your own rip off experience. (2010-02)
Consumer complaints  (keywords: ConsumersShopping, general)
Save your money - most expensive items in various categories. (2007-11)
Most expensive  (keywords: Finances, generalShopping, general)
Michigan Item Pricing Law - don't get cheated at the register, but know the rules. (2007-11)
Item Pricing Law  (keywords: Government, generalLaw, shoppingLocal, generalShopping, general)
Discount coupons, rebates, and clearance sales online for all sorts of stuff. (2007-04)
Deal catcher  (keywords: Local, generalShopping, general)
Various categories of local retailer savings coupons. (2006-11)
ValPak coupons  (keywords: Local, generalShopping, general)
Shop for deals which do not involve mail-in rebate hassles. (2006-11)
Antirebate  (keywords: Shopping, general)
One killer gear deal, one item at a time until it's gone. (2006-10)
Steep & cheap  (keywords: Shopping, general)
Coupon savings from local and online merchants. (2006-06)
Coupon Cabin  (keywords: Local, shoppingShopping, general)
Magazine subscriptions at discount prices. (2006-06)
Discount magazines  (keywords: MagazinesShopping, general)
Drivers report gasoline prices across the US and Canada. (2006-05)
Gasoline prices by Gasbuddy  (keywords: Automotive, generalShopping, general)
Find local sales and online deals - search by product category, brand, price or store. Enter your preferred zip code. (2006-04)
Local sales  (keywords: Local, shoppingShopping, general)
Sears catalog from 1971. (2005-10)
Sears catalogs  (keywords: Museum, generalShopping, general)
New service from Google that makes it easy to find information about products for sale online by locating stores that sell the item you want to find. (2003-09)
Smart shopping through Google  (keywords: Shopping, general)
Finding that item you want at the best price is not always the easiest thing to do. Here is a site that will give you product information, were to find the best price for books, computers, games, and toys and the site also has a rating of customer satisfaction for the various retailers. (2002-03)
Price Grabber  (keywords: Shopping, general)
If you feel the urge to make an online purchase, check here first for the codes which many e-retailers distribute to customers to save some serious money. Many popular merchants listed. (2000-12)
Amazing bargains  (keywords: Shopping, general)
Shop online for the finest fruit and food gifts. These are naturally wholesome, universally appealing, and perfect for the whole family or office. This is the year round gift source for every occasion! (1999-12)
Harry and David  (keywords: Shopping, general)
Are you looking for a new suit or that perfect dress to wear for this holiday season or just something to keep you warm around the house? Look no farther. Lands End has some really nice clothing for someone special or something just for you. (1999-12)
Lands End  (keywords: RetailShopping, general)
Have you seen QVC on television? Well, you can find it on the web also. And now you won't have to wait until 2:00 AM to find that unique set of weights for that special guy or gal in your life. All you need to do is search for it at: (1999-12)
QVC  (keywords: Shopping, general)
Time to put that rust bucket to rest? Get it replaced with a newer set of wheels. Check here to be dollar wise when heading to the negotiation table. The N.A.D.A. guide lists the recommended 'selling' prices for used automobiles (and motorcycles, boats, RVs., aircraft, and manufactured housing). Purchasing tips, also. Select the appropriate tab: "Autos", "Boats", etc. (1999-06)
NADA Guides  (keywords: Shopping, general)

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