Web Page Reviews - 2024 - May

The Cloud Under the Sea - Fascinating story about the ships and crews who rush to repair broken undersea cables. (2024-05)
Repairing broken undersea cables  (keywords: Internet, hardwareNautical, general)
New technology uses pulsed electric fields to suppress abnormal heart rhythm - novel treatment for Atrial Fibrillation. (2024-05)
New treatment for atrial fibrillation  (keywords: Medical, general)
10 most bizarre golf courses in the world. (2024-05)
Bizarre golf courses around the world  (keywords: Sports, golf)
Most popular baby names from the year you were born. (2024-05)
Popular baby names  (keywords: People, general)
Most popular middle names in the decade you were born. (2024-05)
Popular middle names  (keywords: People, general)
How does a rock get from a quarry to a construction site? (15-min. video) (2024-05)
Getting rock from quarry to construction site  (keywords: Buildings, general)
Enter your zip code to find the local TV stations available using your TV antenna (no cable or satellite). (2024-05)
Find local TV stations using TV antenna  (keywords: Television, general)
What to put in a safe deposit box. (2024-05)
Safe deposit box contents  (keywords: Finances, personal)
Roku's massive hack is why you shouldn't reuse passwords. (2024-05)
Roku's security hack 2024  (keywords: Security, TVTelevision, security)
How do seatbelts work? (11-min. video) (2024-05)
How do seatbelts work?  (keywords: Automotive, general)
View the control detail in this sample of police helicopter video footage monitoring traffic and crowd control in Dallas, Texas, plus a dizzying supercut of zooming shots from ~600 hours of police helicopter footage. (2024-05)
Police helicopter video monitoring  (keywords: Law, enforcement)
Microsoft Edge taps AI to make grainy images look nice and crisp in your browser. (Is this like inventing details without telling the viewer??) (2024-05)
MS Edge's AI 'improves' grainy images in browser  (keywords: Artificial Intelligence AI, general)
Take timed and page tests to gauge your typing speed. (2024-05)
Gauge your typing speed  (keywords: Typing, general)
How a bowling pinsetter machine works. (15-min. video) (2024-05)
How bowling pinsetter works  (keywords: Sports, bowling)
Highway photologs and photologging vans of the 1980s. (2024-05)
Highway photologs of 1980s  (keywords: Maps, general)
Highway photologging vans of 1980s  (keywords: Maps, general)
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