Web Page Reviews - 2024 - April

Space Trash Lasers explained. (10-min, video) (2024-04)
Space Trash Lasers  (keywords: Space, general)
A visual timeline of the largest cities throughout history: every year from 3000 BCE to modern times. (10-min. video) (2024-04)
Largest cities through history  (keywords: History, general)
How do I move emails from one account to another? (15-min video) (2024-04)
Moving emails between accounts  (keywords: Email, general)
Take 360-degree field tours that highlight three Detroit urban farms. See what's growing in the city. (2024-04)
Field tours of Detroit urban farms  (keywords: Food, generalLocal, Detroit, general)
Century Past Free Online Library has collections with links to hundreds of thousands of books, magazines, articles, maps, and images. They are organized to help you find materials on your favorite topics. Everything is free to access. (2024-04)
Century Past Free Online Library  (keywords: Libraries)
How to factory reset your MacBook or iMac before you give it away or sell it to ensure none of your data is on it. (2024-04)
Factory-reset MacBook or iMac  (keywords: Apple, Mac)
How to filter Facebook memories to avoid painful reminders. (2024-04)
Filter Facebook memories  (keywords: Facebook)
Amateur violinist plays a palindromic duet with his future self, traveling backwards in time, in a one-shot take. (3-min. video) (2024-04)
Palindromic violin duet  (keywords: Music, general)
Tastes like chicken? Think again - edible ants have distinctive flavor profiles. (2024-04)
Edible ants  (keywords: Bugs, generalFood, general)
You eat pasta, and you love pasta. But have you ever wondered just how your favorite pasta shapes came to be? Surprising origins of 15 pasta shapes. (2024-04)
Origins of 15 pasta shapes  (keywords: Food, general)
Why "dead as a doornail"? (2-min. video) (2024-04)
Why "dead as a doornail"?  (keywords: Useless)
How to Backup or Restore with AOMEI Backupper software. (8-min. video) (2024-04)
Backup/restore with AOMEI Backupper  (keywords: Software, backup)
Delete least used apps from your Android phone, especially those which you have no idea what they do - they could be silently malicious. (2024-04)
Delete least-used apps from Android phone  (keywords: Android, general) is the world's largest open database of minerals, rocks, meteorites and the localities they come from. (2024-04)
Database of minerals/rocks/meterorites and their originations  (keywords: Science, general)
How to reorganize pinned apps on your Windows Start menu. (2024-04)
Pinned apps on Windows Start menu  (keywords: Windows, features)
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