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The "Friends of the Rouge" (River in MI) group offered 5 virtual river "trips" by kayak in 2020. On, search for "Friends of the Rouge uncruise" to locate the five virtual river trips. Each of the 5 trip videos is about 1:20 hrs. long. This link is for trip #1. (2021-06)
Rouge River trips  (keywords: Local, general, Nautical, general)
Downloadable infographic of the Navy's new combat ship U.S.S. Detroit. (2016-11)
U.S.S. Detroit  (keywords: Nautical, general)
Great Lakes shipping information includes ships, shipwrecks, models, events, lighthouses, galleries, and more. (2009-09)
Boat nerd  (keywords: Nautical, general)
Just another day on the river? (2007-05)
Towboat  (keywords: Nautical, general)
Minute by minute accounting of sinking of the Andrea Doria, with pictures. (2006-05)
Andrea Doria  (keywords: Disaster, Nautical, general)

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