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Popcorn | Recipes with The Swedish Chef (of the "Muppets"). Be sure to turn subtitles (closed captions) on, you'll need it to enjoy the humor. (4-min. video) (2022-04)
Popcorn - Recipes with The Swedish Chef  (keywords: Humor, generalInternet, entertainment)
Toppling a massive domino design with 32,000 domino pieces that took 89 days to build. (5 min. video) (2021-09)
Toppling 32000 domino pieces  (keywords: Internet, entertainment)
Sell me something weird or confusing. (2017-03)
Weird or confusing  (keywords: Finances, spendingInternet, entertainment)
A Wikipedia article about images, videos, and jokes that have gone viral. (2015-06)
Viral Internet  (keywords: Internet, entertainment)
Zoom Quilt - it just never ends. Control speed/direction in left pane. (2007-12)
Zoom quilt  (keywords: Internet, entertainment)
Sudoku game; 4 difficulty levels. (2007-06)
Sudoku live  (keywords: Internet, entertainment)
Pretend you're in prison and make a license plate. (2006-11)
Prison plates  (keywords: Internet, entertainment)
Tile elimination game. Several playing formats. (2006-09)
Tile game  (keywords: Internet, entertainmentPCs, games)

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