Web Page Reviews - 2021 - September

How to fix "This PC Can't Run Windows 11": TPM and Secure Boot. (2021-09)
Fix "This PC Can't Run Windows 11"  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, updates)
Increase your phone's security by locking apps to the screen on Android. (2021-09)
Increase Android security by locking apps  (keywords: Android, phones)
The Senior Safe Act law encourages employees of financial services firms to report cases of suspected elder financial abuse, hopefully leading to more prosecutions of the criminals involved. (2021-09)
Senior Safe Act  (keywords: Finances, personal)
Best tools for ripping DVDs and Blu-rays to your computer. (2021-09)
Ripping DVDs to PC  (keywords: CD/DVD)
5 shady Google Chrome extensions you should uninstall ASAP. (2021-09)
Shady Google Chrome extensions  (keywords: Internet, search engines)
Learn how to customize Windows 10 with these powerful tweak tools. (2021-09)
Windows 10 tweak tools  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, software)
Buying a hard drive (HDD or SSD) is easy if you know some basic tips. Here's a guide to understanding the most important hard drive features. (2021-09)
Buying guide for HDD or SSD  (keywords: Computers, hardware, drives)
What are brute-force and dictionary attacks? (2021-09)
Brute-force and Dictionary attacks  (keywords: Security, general)
How to play Flash files in the flashless age (since Microsoft deleted the Adobe Flash Player tool in mid-2021). (2021-09)
Play Flash files in flashless age  (keywords: Internet, programming)
A sure fire way to protect against ransomware. (2021-09)
Protect against ransomware  (keywords: Security, ransomware)
7 steps to your online privacy - The ultimate guide to replace Big Tech with "Free and Open Source Software" (= "FOSS"). (2021-09)
Guide to FOSS - "Free and Open Source Software"  (keywords: Software, free)
Watch the skin-crawling activity as various hornets build, populate, and protect their nests in this video collection. (2021-09)
Hornets  (keywords: Bugs, general)
"I put a hornets nest in a box, and THIS happened!!" Hornets as "pets". (2021-09)
Hornets as pets  (keywords: Bugs, general)
Using Snip & Sketch (aka the Snipping Tool), Clipboard History, Battery Report, Free OneDrive Storage, and Touchpad Shortcuts in Windows 10. (2021-09)
Snipping Tool, Clipboard History, OneDrive, Battery Report  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
Changing the DNS settings on your Windows 10 PC can result in faster Internet travels and improved online safety/security. Here is how to change DNS settings on your PC running Windows 10. (2021-09)
DNS settings in Windows 10  (keywords: Computers, networks, generalWindows, Windows 10, general)
DNS performance analytics and comparison - Find the fastest and most reliable DNS for free based on millions of tests. (2021-09)
DNS comparison  (keywords: Computers, networks, general)
Read about Cloudflare's free DNS service which replaces the connection between your device (Windows, Mac, Linux) and the Internet with a modern, optimized protocol. (2021-09)
Cloudflare's free DNS  (keywords: Computers, networks, general)
Replacing the mechanical hard disk drive (HDD) in your desktop or laptop computer with a solid state drive (SSD) can dramatically improve its overall performance/speed, and make an old slow device so much more pleasant to use. Here are tips about what to look for when shopping for an SSD. (2021-09)
Buying an SSD  (keywords: Computers, hardware, SSD)
Old games don't work in modern OS's because their codes are obsolete and are no longer supported. But here are a few tricks to play old games in Windows 10. (2021-09)
Play old games on Windows 10  (keywords: Games, generalWindows, Windows 10, games)
Toppling a massive domino design with 32,000 domino pieces that took 89 days to build. (5 min. video) (2021-09)
Toppling 32000 domino pieces  (keywords: Internet, entertainment)
As of May 25, 2021, Microsoft started to roll out an update that installs (pushes) the "News and Interests" widget onto the Windows 10 taskbar. How to get it, configure it, or disable it! (2021-09)
New and Interests widget  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
Did you ever wonder how to play a song backwards, and how it would sound, and even whether any hidden messages are there? Here's how to use Audacity to reverse audio in Windows. (2021-09)
Play songs backwards in Audacity  (keywords: Music, general)
When combined, the "Facebook companies" know a huge amount about you. Here's the data that "WhatsApp" and "Instagram" send to Facebook. (2021-09)
What "Facebook companies" know about you  (keywords: Facebook)
Have an analog camera lying around? This Raspberry Pi can make it digital. (2021-09)
Raspberry digitizing analog camera  (keywords: Computers, Raspberry Pi)
The Windows 10 Battery Report feature measures whether your PC's power source is ready to give out or has some life left in it. Here's how to monitor your laptop's battery life. (2021-09)
Windows 10 Battery Report  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
Think your laptop battery is running down quicker than it should? Here's how to check laptop battery health in Linux. (2021-09)
Battery health in Linux  (keywords: Linux, hardware)
TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module technology) appears to be the prime requirement for Windows 11 to install and run on a PC. If your PC does not have TPM 2.0, Win11 will not install on it. (2021-09)
What is TPM --- Trusted Platform Module?  (keywords: Windows, general)
From idea to icon: 50 years of the floppy disk. (2021-09)
50 years of the floppy disk  (keywords: Computers, hardware, general)
How to bulk-delete messages from Facebook Messenger. (2021-09)
Bulk-delete msgs from Facebook Messenger  (keywords: Facebook)
What does this emoji mean? Emoji face meanings explained here. (2021-09)
What is "emoji"?  (keywords: Internet, emoji)
How do "frame rates" affect the gaming experience? (2021-09)
Frame rates  (keywords: Games, online)
What is a web crawler, and how does it work? (2021-09)
What is a "web crawler"?  (keywords: Internet, search engines)
9 things with Microsoft OneNote to improve your productivity. (2021-09)
Using Microsoft OneNote  (keywords: Windows, software)
Download the desktop version of MS OneNote for free. (2021-09)
Microsofte OneNote desktop version  (keywords: Windows, software)
Brave vs. Firefox: Your ultimate browser choice for a private web experience. (2021-09)
Brave vs. Firefox web browsers  (keywords: Internet, browser, general)
Ransomware, what it is, how it works, types, and examples. (2021-09)
All about ransomware  (keywords: Security, ransomware)
How to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro for free (well, for some Windows users). (2021-09)
Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, updates)
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