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Should you pay more for a faster Internet connection? (2023-05)
Pay more for faster Internet connection?  (keywords: Internet, speed)
How to speed up your home Internet and Wi-Fi on the cheap. (2020-11)
Speed up home Internet WiFi cheaply  (keywords: Internet, speedInternet, wi-fi)
How to properly check your Internet speed. Are you receiving the speed that you are paying for?? (2018-11)
Check your Internet speed  (keywords: Internet, speed)
How fast does your Internet connection need to be? (2018-11)
Fast Internet connection  (keywords: Internet, speed)
Why are upload speeds so much slower than download speeds on the Internet? (2018-10)
Upload vs. download speeds  (keywords: Internet, speed)
Faster Internet for FREE in 30 seconds. Seriously. (As always, just ignore the ads in videos.) (9-min. video) (2018-09)
Faster Internet?  (keywords: Internet, speed)
Four reasons why your Wi-Fi is so slow (and how to fix them). (2016-05)
Slow Wi-Fi  (keywords: Internet, speed)
Are you familiar with the terms Bits? Bytes? Bandwidth? Pipe size? Throughput? Upload and download speeds? Watch this 12-min. video about "Understanding Internet Speeds". (2016-05)
Internet speeds  (keywords: Internet, speed)
You may be able to increase your Wi-Fi speed by switching to a less busy channel, no matter which frequency you're on. This wireless channel analyzer can help accomplish that goal. (2015-05)
Wi-Fi speed  (keywords: Internet, speed)
What actions can you take to increase your Wi-Fi performance and get your streaming speed back up to par? (2015-05)
Faster Wi-Fi  (keywords: Internet, speed)
Test the speed for which your ISP is charging you. (2007-10)
Speed test  (keywords: Internet, speed)
Check your Internet connection speed using various global sources. (2006-06)
Internet speed check  (keywords: Internet, speed)

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