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Are you looking for a source for international news? Google collects articles from over 4,500 sources worldwide and it arranges them on one page that is organized by subject headings. (2003-05)
Google news  (keywords: News, generalSearch)
Here are a few sites that may offer some help to find information from the area you live to cities around the world. So if you are looking for city sites or need help to find that little British Pub the next time you are in London, you will find help at city search. (2001-09)
City Search  (keywords: Search)
Are you looking for a good search engine? Google will do an excellent job searching through more than 1 billion pages and it will zero in on the information that you are looking for. (2001-03)
Google  (keywords: Search)
You'll find everything art here. You don't need to buy or bid on an item to enjoy loads of museum and gallery listings and thousands of art images, along with 30,000 (!) links to art websites. (2000-01)
Artstar  (keywords: Search)
A jump off point for a wide range of internet site categories (news, newspapers, weather, sports, business, finance, law, politics, science, entertainment, columnists, comics, markets, mutual funds, bookshelf references, calculators, clocks, encyclopedias, almanacs, medical, auto maintenance, government, TV and radio schedules, travel, computer hardware and software tech support, etc., etc., etc. …): (1999-04)
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